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IVANA | كرسي

Ivana steel living armchair. Tradition, creativity and innovation are the keywords of this armchair very stylish and fashionable. 
Available in two colours, white and dark pink, has a frame made of solid iron. Ivana armchair weighs 10 kg and has the following sizes: width cm. 74, depth cm. 65 and height cm. 120. 
The full cylindrical wires that compose it have undergone different treatments during the coating process, such as the nanoceramic treatment, cataphoresis and powder painting, with the aim of obtaining the highest resistance to atmospheric agents. The adopted procedures ensure maximum water resistance and greater durability. Ivana is therefore perfect for outdoor use and will brilliantly withstand the hot summer's sun as well as the rainy days. 
This sculpture in the form of an armchair represents the body of a woman sitting with open arms, ready to welcome those who want to use it with a sweet and protective gesture. She invites you to relax. The high back is a guarantee of comfort.

معلومات إضافية من المصنع بخصوص IVANA | كرسي
72 x 70 x 123 cm

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