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London / United Kingdom

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Efasma is a UK based company that creates innovative design products. All elements of the range are designed to be mixed and matched, resulting in flexible use for hospitality interiors and equal functionality in a domestic context. Designed by Bureau de Change architects, Efasma launched the range ECO. ECO embraces naturally occurring materials such as cotton and timber, exploiting their aesthetic and functional potential. Greece is the largest grower of cotton in Europe, and tactile handwoven surfaces made using single lengths of 100% organic cotton rope, capitalize on this resource. Enhanced with nanotechnology, cotton rope is fire, water, oil, odor and abrasion resistant. Timber comes from sustainable sources and recycled packaging is also used to promote an ecological approach. Products utilize natural materials, traditional techniques and quality craftsmanship, shaped by a desire for an ecological approach. Designed by Amass studio, Efasma launched the range GEOMETRY. GEOMETRY understand the real need of the customers for outdoor furniture, going beyond the current trends, and always offering the best in terms of quality, at the most competitive prices. Efasma uses the Aluminum EN AW-6063 ISO Al Mg0.7Si as raw material in the production line. It is a light and hard metal with an excellent strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance, and becomes an ideal material for outdoor furniture. The corrosion resistance of aluminum furniture is amplified by the pre-treatment of the aluminum profile with a conversion coating (anodizing). The treated frame is coated with an electrostatically charged color powder. The method of electrostatic painting ensures 100% coverage of the metal surface and provides durable finish that far exceed other conventional dyes. The finish is scratch-resistant, moisture-proof, highly corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The company’s Greek origins are fundamental to its manufacturing processes and supply chain - we utilize the talent of local craftsmen, in order to garner business for local communities, and take advantage of material sources within Greece to create proximity between material supply and final manufacture. Hand-craftsmanship contributes to a reduction in industrial energy consumption. ... More ... less