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Are you looking for a seat with that little “something” that enhances your furniture? Choose a day bed! It’s comfortable as a sofa but designed to offer high comfort for who lies down on it. It’s designed as a sofa as it has a small seatback and an armrest only on one side. These features make it a comfortable and ergonimical seat. So it’s halfway between a sofa, an armchair and a bed! If you think this is not the right piece for your “baroque” style furniture then you’re wrong! The market offers contemporary style day beds which blend perfectly in trendy and modern rooms thanks to their bright colors and exciting shapes. If your house is more traditional, choose a classic style day bed, maybe with capitonnè making, where the upholstering is hand made with buttons that create elegant diamonds and lozanges. Carefully choose the style of the armrest and seatback so that they recall the purity of curls that bring you back in time.