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If relaxing in a swimming pool is your dream but you can’t make it come true because of the limited space or technical difficulties, choose a hot tub! Hot tubs are easily installable in many indoor or outdoor spaces. The ensure wellness and multisensorial comfort for everyone’s needs. Some models have hydromassage and other have an audio system, chromotherapy lamps or scented salts for aromatherapy. Hot tubs are a real homemade spa treatment. Choose on Archiproducts hot tubs by the best international brands drawn by the trendiest designers!
How to choose your hot tub? The choice is determined by space and the number of users and your budget, of course. Before you choose one, you have to verify that it complies with quality and safety regulations while its installation requires an expert. There are two possible installations: above ground and built-in. Above-ground hot tubs are freestanding basins that can be installed wherever you want provided there’s a power socket. Built-in hot tubs, instead, are more expensive to install because they need construction works.

Indoor or outdoor? The choice depends on the use you are going to make of it and the available space. First, indoor installation requires an evaluation of the weight that the ceiling can sustain because a fully loaded hot tub weighs about 450kg/m2. Even if it seems to be the best solution because it grants privacy and you don’t need nice weather to use it, the indoor installation is often impossible for technical reasons. So, if weather conditions are acceptable, it’s better to install it outdoors, in the garden or on a terrace. The installation of an outdoor hot tub on ground floor terraces or in the garden, doesn’t require structural verification because the ground will support the weight while the installation on terraces and balconies requires technical advise. If you decide to put it in the garden you can just put it on the grass but we recommend you install it on an anti-slip and non-stick surface for safety reasons.

What are the differences between a hot tub and a hydromassage tub? Their use is very similar but the structure is very different. A hot tub fiberglass structure is much thicker than a hydromassage tub one because it needs a higher insulation performance especially if you install it outdoors. A hot tub doesn’t require a connection to the water system because you fill it up with a hose and unload it with a draining tube. You need to install an electric system for the hot tub (pump, motor, filter, ionizer, heater). More, like a normal swimming pool, a hot tub can keep the water inside for quite a while thanks to the filtering system and to the ozonizer which are usually never present in a hydromassage tub. The ozonizer is essential to reduce the amount of disinfectant needed to keep the water clean. To clean a hot tub you need specific detergents which are devoid of abrasive substances and are non-toxic. Normal detergents can alter water’s pH level and can cause foam build-up. In hot tubs, a heater allows you to heat up water in winter whereas hydromassage tubs get warm water from the house’s water system. The insulation depends on the thickness of the structure of the tubs. The hot tub comes with a cartridge filter that needs to be cleaned once a month and changed once a year. A hot tub can host 12 people while a hydromassage tub can only host two users.

The best hot tubs are designed with the cooperation of physiotherapists to let the user enjoy the benefits of the hydromassage. The adjustable jets and flows which are placed in ergonomic positions just where the seats are, are designed to provide progressively intenser massages. The flows can be adjusted singularly to get different types of massages: linear, rotating, soft and fast. The intensity and the direction of the flows, the temperature of the water and the thermal covering to protect against bad weather conditions are controlled by a digital control panel. Some innovative models can be easily moved because they can be disassembled into two pieces (the basin and the devices). More, hot tubs can use motor’s heat to heat up the filtered water reducing electric energy consumption. Besides the normal accessories that come with hot tubs, they can be equipped with several devices like the aromatherapy one, with a headrest, a waterfall, chromotherapy lamps, bluetooth audio systems you find in real spas. A frequently requested function is the upstream swimming feature. Swim spas let you swim in small basins, as they let you exercise in the water and relax with hydromassage.

Don’t forget the style! Hot tubs’ styles are limitless! From the classic square hot tubs to the larger rectangular ones, to the super-trendy round hot tubs maybe in a freestanding version. For above ground hot tubs the external covering enhances the hot tub’s look transforming it in a real lounge area where you can relax with your friends. You can choose the most common wooden covering for a timeless elegance to the glamorous faux-leather designed to resist to bad weather. Are you looking for a designer’s model? Choose the hot tub designed by Daniel Libeskind and you’ll have at home a unique creation by of one world’s archistars!