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If you have mold on the walls, water drops on the window panes, the smell of rotten wood then you have a humidity problem at home. Dehumidifiers can easily and simply help you out. These devices differ from one another not only because of the brand but also for their specific features and especially for their dehumidifying capacity, in other words, the amount of water that they can absorb from a room in the space of 24 hours. Portable dehumidifiers are particularly convenient because they let you move them from a room to another and maximize their use and make the whole house benefit from them. It is important to know which model is best suited for you. That’s why you need to know how large the room to dehumidify is and its humidity rate. Read carefully the specs of the devices when buying them paying attention to the wattage rating to know its power consumption, the “l/24h” parameter that tells you how many liters of water will be absorbed in 24 hours (at average temperature of 32°C and relative humidity of 80%), at the working temperature and at the “A.m.3/2” value that indicates how many cubic/square meters the machine can work with.