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Split air conditioners are the principal appliances when the heat waves hit us. It’s important to know which one to choose. To do this you need to know whether you only need cool air or if you need warm air in winter. In this second case you may want to choose a heat pump air conditioner. Then you need to know where you are going to install it because where you put it might affect its efficiency. You need to choose a place in the house where there are no obstacles for the air flow and it has to have a regular shape. This way the cool air can flow as far as possible without any problems.
Another important factor is the power. You need to balance the volume of the rooms with the BTUs. To calculate how many BTUs you need, you can multiply the volume of the room by 100: for example a 30 square meter room you’ll have a 90 cubic meter volume. Then you need a 9.000 BTU machine.
We talk about split air conditioners when you have one internal unit and one external unit while the multi split air conditioners connect two or more internal units to one external unit. This system lets you have an internal unit in each room so that you can turn them on or off independently. All the internal units are connected with the external unit by a tube conduit.
Another important difference between the different models on the market is their technology. The market offers: inverter air conditioners and “on/off” systems. Let’s have a look.
An on/off system air conditioner produces cool (or warm) air at a constant power. When the room temperature reaches the temperature set by the user, the machine switches off (if it has a thermostat) and it turns on again when the temperature changes. This switching on and off causes a power consumption peak in the beginning. The Inverter system instead adjusts the power to the room temperature and when it reaches the set temperature it just keeps on going to maintain the temperature constant. This allows for a 30% power saving.
The “Dry” function is also very important. This feature lets you increase air quality dehumidifying it and sometimes it is enough to make the temperature lower.
Just like any other appliance, please read the energy efficiency label carefully and choose a class A model so to save a lot on your energy bill. You also have to close doors and windows to optimize the air conditioner use and do not go under 26°C during the night or only use the Dry function.
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