How we use cookies

Cookies are needed to improve the services we offer you. Some of them are required so our website can work correctly, while others help us to maximise your experience.

Necessary cookies allow us to:

- Record your access data

- Record which items you placed in your shopping cart

- Record which step of the order you are at

Functional cookies allow us to

- Provide secure navigation after you access our website

- Ensure our website has a consistent appearance throughout

Performance enhancing cookies allow us to:

- Maximise our website performance by reducing loading times of pages you visit

- Improve your experience

Targeting Cookies are used to:

- Allow you to use special functions such as "share" and "like"

- Send information to other websites and customise their adverts

Here are some cookies use examples:

Cookies help us to improve the services we provide you, for example:

- They enable certain services, such as payment. Without cookies, it would not be possible to perform any payments on the web.

- They allow us to recognise your device, so you can avoid repeating the same information during one single activity.

- They record that you entered your username and password when you logged on a form on Archiproducts, so that you do not have to repeat the same operation each time you visit a page on our website.

- Cookies calculate how many users are using our services at any given time, so that they can make ensure the correct capacity for a speedy navigation and easy usage

- Cookies analyse data to help us improve our services

- If you do not authorise us to use cookies, certain pages and functions will not be able to work as devised. For example, you will not be able to use the purchase list.

Here are some instructions on managing cookies at best:

Google Chrome

1. Click on "Tools" in the top part of the browser window and select “Options”

2. Click on 'Geek stuff' tab, find the 'Privacy' section, and click on the “Content settings” button

3. Then select 'Allow local data setting'

Microsoft Internet Explorer (6.0 and later)

1. Click on "Tools" in the top part of your browser window and select “Internet Options”, then click on the 'Privacy' tab

2. In order to activate cookies in your browser, make sure your privacy level is set on Medium ore lower.

3. If you set your privacy level over Medium all cookies shall be disabled.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click on "Tools" in the top part of your browser window and select “Options”

2. Then select the Privacy icon

3. Click on Cookie, then select “allow websites to use cookies”


1. Click on the Cog icon in the top part of your browser window and select "Preferences"

2. Click on 'Protection', then select 'Block third parties and advertising cookies'

3. Click on 'Save'

Managing cookies on Mac

If you want to allow our cookies, please, go through the following steps:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 on OSX

1. Click on ‘Explore' in the top part of your browser window and select "Preferences"

2. Scroll down until you see "Cookie" in the File Reception section

3. Select 'Do not Ask'

Safari on OSX

1. Click on 'Safari' in the top part of your browser window and select "Preferences"

2. Click on 'Security' and then 'Accept cookies'

3. Then select “only from this website”

Mozilla and Netscape on OSX

1. Click on 'Mozilla' or 'Netscape' in the top part of your browser window and select "Preferences"

2. Scroll down until you see cookies under 'Privacy and security'

3. Select 'Enable cookies from the original website only'


1. Click on 'Menu' in the top part of your browser window and select "Settings"

2. Then select "Preferences", and 'Advanced'

3. Then select “Accept cookies"


Edilportale.COM S.p.A., having a registered office at Via Loiacono, 20 in 70126 Bari (Italy), is the owner and is accountable for all commercial and economic activities taking place on the portal named Archiproduct.Com. Edilportale.COM SpA, pursuant to Italian D. Lgs. 196/2003 clause n. 13 and following, reserves the right to use customer voluntary provided personal data in line with clause 24, letter b, of the same law. As stated in this information sheet, drafted in full compliance with the abovementioned legislation in force in Italy.

May we suggest to all Clients to visit this page from time to time, in order to get updates on changes in EU or Italian legislation on this matter.

EDILPORTALE.COM S.p.A. hereby guarantees to all its clients that their personal data shall be used solely for the purpose of providing the required services, managing the website and order processing. The data voluntary provided by customers shall not be passed or disclosed to any third party.

E-payments: when paying by debit or credit card, all necessary information provided in order to process the transaction, such as debit or credit card number, expiry date, security code, shall be protected by and through our systems for the sole purpose of processing the purchase. Our system apply encrypted protocols, no unauthorised third party can access our data in any way. The abovementioned information shall not be seen or collected by S.p.A. staff. S.p.A. applies state-of-the-art security measures aiming at reducing risks of data loss or destruction as much as possible, as well as unauthorised data access or data usage in ways or for purposes that are not listed in our Privacy Policy.

However, as S.p.A., cannot guarantee that the security measures applied for data transmission are strong enough to avoid risks of unauthorised access or data loss on the side of the user’s device, all users are kindly requested to ensure that their devices have adequate software protection for data transmission on the web, such as updated antivirus and firewalls. SpA informs that you can exercise all the rights provided for by article 7 of the Italian D. Lgs. 196/2003 by contacting us by e-mail at or writing by registered post to Edilportale SpA Ufficio Privacy via Loiacono, 20 - Bari 70126.

You can ask us among other things:

  • Confirmation of personal data collection regarding yourself;
  • How we use your data and how we collected data;
  • Why we collected your data the purpose of data collection and usage;

You may re-send your request for information with a minimum lapse of 90 days between requests, except when there is a justified cause: when you want us to cancel or change your data due to breach of law; or you want us to cancel those data that cannot be used for the purposes for which they were collected.