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EVER Life Design

Cerese di Virgilio / Italy

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EVER finds its origin in the vision that Thermomat has gained through constantly observing reality by focusing an important issue: How can an object of everyday use become much more innovative and performing and be used in various ways to meet the needs the needs of a whole family, regarding the specific needs of each of its components and the differences among the same needs according to age? Always committed to creating and spreading the values of safety and comfort in the production of devices and accessories, Thermomat, with EVER, launches a new challenge with a view to redefining such an important room like the bathroom. EVER, even taking into account the daily needs that change and take on specific characteristics, identifies itself with the idea that, at different ages, people can go on using the same place and the same furniture, if chosen carefully. For this reason, EVER interpreted various traditional objects transforming them into furnishings accessories, full of personality and of great effect, while offering at the same time an added value in terms of safety due to their belonging to the essence of Thermomat which, for over 20 years, has been synonymous with guarantee and reliability in the bathroom. The idea of a safe bathroom wants to break free from the concept of mere functionalism and is now exploring other environments: a de-structured bathroom, made up of useful items that are even pleasant life companions in any other room of the house, objects belonging to our memory, close to our experiences, warm and reassuring, thanks to the use of unconventional materials, with small and subtle variations to enhance appeal and safety. EVER's travel companions for this captivating journey are three designers and recognized experts in the field of "Design for All" and of functional design: Monica Graffeo and Gianni Arduini with Marco Frigerio. Their energy, enthusiasm and know-how in these fields have led to the creation of some collections that offer sophisticated, elegant, functional and safe solutions, and that implement a different way of thinking with respect to materials, spaces and functions. ... More ... less