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25-29 October 2016 / Germany, Cologne

LAPSE transforms traditional waiting areas into new spaces for interaction
Moai chair inspired by sea pebbles
From folding table to acoustic partition
New workspaces by Fantoni presented at Orgatec
Pacific Chair. Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby
Versatility, lightness, interaction. Alias office
Black Tone collection by JMM
Acme and Verve. Pure design, scandinavian identity
Virus. Togetherness everywhere
Kristalia at Orgatec
Retro inspirations. Claesson Koivisto Rune + Tacchini
You & Me by Simone Micheli
Ray: strength within movement
AÏKU by Jean-Marie Massaud
Versatile, personal, intimate, shared spaces
HEY-SIGN for the Office
Live. Work. Meet. True Design at Orgatec
Dynamic design and comfort for workspaces
Cloverleaf In and Outdoor by Verpan
The Office is friendly with Stand-by System
Ironic office: Pedrali at Orgatec 2016
Máni. Extreme simplicity
delaOliva @ Orgatec 2016
Cyl: the antithesis of the cold, technical office environment