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HEY-SIGN represents innovative, design-oriented products as well as customised production of high quality wool felt. The current product range contains about 250 articles from home accessories such as cushions, baskets and table decorations through furniture, seat and bench covers up to acoustic elements, room dividers, luminaires and rugs. For the realisation of their projects, interior designers and architects can choose from four different material thicknesses and 47 colours.


Natural, warm and beautiful: Wool felt is a fabulous material. Bernadette Ehmanns and Mathias Hey have been experimenting and working with this high quality natural product for over 15 years now. In the mid nineties they discovered wool felt for the object and furniture sector. In 1999, they founded HEY-SIGN. Since then, HEY­SIGN has established itself as a pioneer and trendsetter for wool felt in interior design.

HEY-SIGN has specialised in the processing of high-quality wool felt. Only 100 % pure new wool is used for the production of HEY-SIGN accessories, bags, furniture, lighting and rugs. The raw material is best merino wool and predominantly comes from Australia and New Zealand. The material is left natural; there isn’t any chemical treatment. Felt is an entirely natural material with plenty of positive effects: it is permeable to air and purifies the air. Its sound-absorbing properties ensure tranquillity and improve indoor acoustics. Felt balances humidity, insulates against cold and heat, repels dirt and absorbs unpleasant odours. Furthermore, wool felt is particularly kind to human skin.


Wool felt offers endless creative design opportunities. All HEY-SIGN’s felt products convince with good design and great attention to detail. Felt is ideal for the realisation of contemporary interior design concepts in the private, public and commercial sectors. HEY-SIGN uses these natural benefits and realises individual, custom-made solutions as well as special cuts for interior designers, architects and corporate clients. A perfect service based on individual needs. ... More ... less