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Kilkis / Greece

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Interno Doors by Alumil, a Business Unit of Alumil Group, specializes in the production of Interior and Entrance Door Systems, since 1996. Our commitment throughout all these years in designing and producing top quality systems, along with the values and visions that we all share in Alumil Group, allow us to glance at the future with an innovative philosophy. Our products are able to meet the most demanding needs both in terms of technology and elegance, without compromising functionality and performance.
Our privately owned 10.000 m2 production and storage facilities, along with the advanced equipment, the high levels of expertise, the integrated Research & Development department and most importantly our focus on continuous improvement, provide flexibility and versatility on our product range, allowing high-levels of customization as well as tailored solutions.
With our vision facing the future and our efforts focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction, we are expanding our international presence throughout the globe with new showrooms and partners, maintaining high levels of operational procedures, certified quality and a green philosophy. ... More ... less