Montblanc / Spain

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Imagination is what we live for. We bring to life the greatest and most innovative ideas. We empower them with an explosion of colours, volumes and shapes so the most amazing architectural and interior design projects come true. You can dream about projects you could not do before. As our founder, Josep Maria Sans, used to say, “There is nothing that can't be done, one just has to find the way ”. Our company has evolved so much since then, but the spirit of the grandfather and entrepreneur remains.

We start creating from one of the simplest elements; our aluminium anodised links allow us to create dramatic projects full of inspiration. And it doesn’t matter where, our kriska and snina links can be adapted to space dividers, wall covering, cladding, ceilings, structures, lamps, biomos, jewellery and you could even surprise us by bringing new challenges. We will be so excited to accept them.

Kriskadecor is a leading design brand, achieving international acclaim as a representative of Spanish design. Quick to anticipate trends in interior design of restaurants, hotels bars and the home. Kriskadecor has collaborated with some of the worlds most renowned designers and architects all over the world. A mix of creativity, innovation and production results in products that are modern, chic and luxurious. This beautiful collection includes custom made and made to measure curtains, designer curtain collections, lighting solutions, statement art, decorative acessories and products. Kriskadecor is a family run company with a historic heritage, using craftsmanship to hand finish and sustain high quality and ethical products.

KriskaDECOR has just bought a daughter company in the USA: 6501 E Greenway Pkwy, Suite 103-346, Scottsdale, AZ 85254 ... More ... less