Chiva Valencia / Spain

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The company was founded by Marivi Calvo and Sandro Tothill in 1994. Art Director Marivi Calvo leads a team of freelance designers who make up the Lzf family. Burkhard Dämmer, Victor Carrasco, Oskar Cerezo, Miguel Herranz, Ray Power, Bang Design, and Luis Eslava Studio all collaborate on a regular basis with Lzf. Calvo also coordinates a team of graphic designers, both inside and outside of the company; in Barcelona Lekuonastudio coordinates image strategy with Calvo using resources such as Inocuo the sign, as well as Lo Siento design studios to add spice where needed. Tothill keeps the machine greased and running, coordinating the commercial and production side with the design side. He also coordinates the Lzf blog as well as the amateur photography and music where included. ... More ... less