San Bonifacio Hacienda / Italy

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Menotti Specchia gives Wood a new Shape, from the Floor up. Since 1926 Menotti Specchia means product Quality, Talent of Workmanship, Attention on Customer. From the raw material to the finished product, we take care of wood right here in our factory, throughout all the production process; we interchange industrial manufacturing, hand work and long periods of rest. Seasoning, drying, cuts, assembly, treatments and finishes respect all the production cycles and guarantee a totally stable product, which can keep for long periods its special qualities. 23 Kinds of Wood, Indoor/Outdoor wooden Flooring, Stair and Wall covering, Furniture and Design Item: Menotti Specchia gives Wood a new Shape, from the Floor up. The matter of the classical collections (Menotti Collection) joins together with XiLab®, the In-house Innovative Research and Development Division dedicated to Architects, Designers and Final Customers: we aim to develop with them personal tailored projects. International Environmental and Product Certifications, Memberships with the Main Authorities of the Field, Residential/Retail/Contract/SPA Projects all over the world: Menotti Specchia is the perfect Partner for developing each kind of Project in Wood. ... More ... less
Indoor, Outdoor, Stairs: Menotti Specchia customizes your rooms fully

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