Marcello Ziliani + Ethimo

Kilt, the new chair on preview at the next edition of Salone del Mobile

17/02/2017 - One of the special characteristics of contemporary design is its ability to mix beauty and functionality in extremely simple furnishing accessories. Kilt, the chair conceived by Marcello Ziliani for Ethimo, springs from the desire to encapsulate the best qualities required by a design destined for the outdoors in one single product.   ‘ Kilt takes its cue from the image of the famous piece of fabric wrapped around the waists of the proud inhabitants of the Highlands – explains the designer Marcello Ziliani - In the same way, the backrest is wrapped around the chair while remaining detached, like a skirt that leaves the knees bare ’.   Solidity,...

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Devon&Devon opens new store in Naples, Florida

The new showroom inspired by Belle Epoque and the American Jazz Age

16/02/2017 - Devon&Devon continues to pursue its expansion in the USA. After Chicago and Nashville, the high-end bathroom design label launches a new store in the city of Naples, Florida. The opening of the 100 sq.m showroom at 950 1st Ave. North marks not only an important step in the brand’s retail expansion strategy but also consolidation of its major partnership with Francois&Co.   According to Gianni Tanini, Devon&Devon CEO: “I am extremely satisfied with our cooperation with Francois&Co, the partner with whom we have opened stores in North America, a market we consider crucial in the long/medium term. On this point - continues Tanini – I...

New bathroom accessories designed by Monica Graffeo

Ever Life Design presents DOT at ISH

16/02/2017 - Ever Life Design is going to attend ISH 2017 at Messe Frankfurt and we are going to show DOT: the new collection of bathroom accessories, created by Monica Graffeo, designer which has always accorded particular attention to themes supported by Design For All.   A collection of complementary furnishing and accessories which are based on the concept “design for all “ , modular, multi-functional, suitable to be used both in narrow spaces and spacious bathrooms, thanks to a careful design and to the technical features of this new line: a thin but resistant steel cable, sliding inside cylindrical solid body, fixed to the wall.   The cable acts like a towel...

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BAUX Patterns

The catalogue of ideas designed by Form Us With Love

16/02/2017 - At this year Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, BAUX launched ‘BAUX Patterns’ a catalogue of ideas designed by Form Us With Love. Catered to specific features, the platform becomes a short cut to more than five hundred—diverse and filtered—wall patterns, combining the beauty of design with the durability of the BAUX panel properties. After discovering that architects and designers found ‘an infinitive choice’ a little exhausting, Form Us With Love in collaboration with BAUX, designed a platform of monochrome and colourful patterns ready to be mounted on any wall. By using twenty-five colours, in a series of 3X3m recurring patterns, Form Us...

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Randa, design by LucidiPevere

Debi outdoor seatings collection

20/02/2017 - Going upwind, get carried in the summer season and enjoy Randa in open-air. Randa is a seats collection with perfect application in the contract market for outdoor thanks to mechanical resistance of the steel frame and to the high performances of the nauical rope, waterproof and resistant to UV rays.   Perfection and lightness of the handcraft interwoven rope give a fresh looking to the seats, All season perfect in outside and pretty relaxing in indoor. Randa by Debi is already available for summer season 2017. Debi on ARCHIPRODUCTS...

Glamor by Linea Calì

New collection inspired by rationalist Italian architecture

20/02/2017 - Rooted in the Modern Movement of Italian architecture, which was developed in the twenties and thirties, the style of the Glamor collection blends the criteria of beauty and utility, fully satisfying the purpose of its realization, and that is to open doors with style.   A purified design, free of decoration, Glamor captures the attention with its extremely clean shapes and innate elegance.   The silhouette is the result of the overlapping and intersection of modules, the size of which is reduced proportionally in relation to the stem of the handgrip. This careful and sophisticated play of perspective is also present in the handgrip, which appears so austere...

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Contrasting Marble-duo by Poul Kjærholm

ARCHITECTMADE presents PK-Mini, a set of two marble-bowls

20/02/2017 - PK-Mini consists of two sculptural bowls made of black Nero Marquina Marble and white Volakas Marble. The two bowls are related to the PK-600, PK-Bowl and PK-Marble, which Poul Kjærholm made in 1963. As their predecessors, PK-Mini embraces contrasts between black and white; between the gracefully curved veins and the solid stone. It highlights the contrast between the soft shaped interior and the raw, rugged exterior.   Nero Marquina Marble is known for its soft black color accented by graceful white veins. White Volakas Marble is known for its clean white stone with light grey veining that provides a classic and timeless expression. The shape of PK-Mini highlights...

Ox Chair: Wegner’s favourite easy chair

Erik Jørgensen relaunched the iconic armchair

20/02/2017 - In 1960, Hans J. Wegner explored the potential of upholstered furniture in depth with his design of the Ox-chair. Not only was the Ox-chair Wegner’s favourite easy chair, it also marked the beginning of Wegner’s redefinition of traditional seating design.   The Ox Chair and the Flag Halyard Chair demonstrate Wegner’s innovative approach in designs that are both artistic and extravagant. Upholstered furniture, such as the Ox Chair, is a temptation to any furniture designer due to its potential for free, organic, sculpted lines that offer an opportunity to create something truly sculptural. The Ox Chair was Wegner’s boldest and most sculptural piece. When...

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EFG Create: create inspiring workplaces

A storage and seating furniture series designed by Jonas Forsman

20/02/2017 - The modern, creative workplace demands new ways of approaching the design and furnishing of offices. EFG and designer Jonas Forsman have taken on this challenge through EFG Create; a storage and seating furniture series for inspiring workplaces.   Everyone who has played with Lego will understand the point of EFG Create. With the cube as a starting point, EFG Create can be used to build both storage, room dividers and seating – or an amalgamation of all three. EFG Create and Create Seating allow the solution to be designed and fully customized to suit workplace functions such as work, meet and relax. The system is designed to be built in combinations, but the seating...

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Fogia presents four new design collaborations

Luca Nichetto, Nina Jobs, TAF Arkitekter and Simon Klenell & Kristoffer Sundin

17/02/2017 - During the last edition of Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017, Fogia presented four new design collaborations with the designers Luca Nichetto, Nina Jobs, TAF Arkitekter and Simon Klenell & Kristoffer Sundin. Fogia’s new collectionfor 2017 is characterized by a distinct Scandinavian expression, while challenging the international furniture scene with new, exciting design languages and innovative material selections.   Fogia works with some of Scandinavia’s top-designers, who, on behalf of Fogia, create innovative furniture and accessories with a focus on craftsmanship and material. Now Fogia is expanding and strengthening its stableof designers,...

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Blooper Table Lamp. Classic, minimal and simple

PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED expanded its collection

17/02/2017 - The Blooper Table Lamp has a classic, minimalistic, and simple design expression. Designed by Mette Schelde, Blooper Table Lamp is part of PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED’s own design collection.   The  Blooper Table Lamp is made of a large hollow bowl with a smaller disk in front where a LED bulb is attached to the smaller disc. The light from the hidden LED bulb reflects into the larger hollow bowl giving you a soft and indirect light. The small disk turns the lamp on or off and acts as the dimmer switch.   At PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED it is important that interaction plays a key role in all their designs. All steel parts of the  Blooper Table...

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Closer family has now been expanded with a new line of mixers

The iconic Zucchetti collection designed by Diego Grandi

17/02/2017 - Zucchetti.Kos will be at the next edition of ISH, scheduled for March 14 through 18 in Frankfurt, to unveil a number of interesting new products. Zucchetti.Kos is particularly happy to announce that it will be presenting an addition to the Closer family, continuing its successful partnership with designer Diego Grandi.   The Closer showerhead, launched in 2014, won a number of awards and soon became one of the company’s most popular iconic products thanks to its ability to combine creativity, innovation and technology. The Closer family has now been expanded with a new line of mixers. According to the designer, 'The idea of freedom embodied by the Closer showerhead...

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Concrete becomes decorative element

Ritmonio presents Haptic and Diametro35 Inox Concrete at ISH

17/02/2017 - From the 14th to the 18th March, RITMONIO will exhibit at ISH with two divisions – Factory and Bath&Shower. The Factory Division - HALL 10.1 STAND C61B – stands out for the variety of selection in the production of safety valves and industrial elements. In the Bath&Shower booth - HALL 4.1 STAND H44 – spotlights on avant-garde know-how of sanitaryware and accessories.   Spotlights mainly on the concept Ritmonio Concrete. This last project was born thanks to the Ritmonio DesignLAB. Based on a brand new use of concrete in the design of sanitaryware, being Ritmonio the forerunner, this concept has been applied to the new series Haptic and to the iconic...

Impertek presents Balance at Made Expo 2017

17/02/2017 - This year IMPERTEK is going to launch on building market 5 new products, indispensable to realize external raised floorings. BALANCE, the new self-levelling head for Jack Supports is the real revolution in home Impertek, thanks to its capacity to cancel automatically the slope up to 5% of the laying surface and to further speed up the working. Balance works with all the Jack Supports range (15 products with an adjustable height from 25 to 395 mm), it is designed to suit easily to every surface and can be used together with the slope correctors for supports, so as to increase the slope correction range. Balance is composed by 4 overlapped parts. Starting from the...

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Make way for conviviality. Outdoor according to Fiam

Chairs and folding tables for contract and residential spaces

16/02/2017 - For over 40 years, Fiam has been synonymous with outdoor furniture that stands out for its functionality, durability, comfort, and design. Marking out the path of the company has been its founder Francesco Favagrossa, who has long developed products in the name of technical, stylistic, and functional innovation. The spirit of growth that characterizes Fiam has motivated the company to increase its wooden options and expand its range of chairs and tables, introducing the sophisticated Robin folding table and the matching, equally foldable chair Marian, both made from black locust wood.   Rich in details and warm both aesthetically and to the touch, Robin and Marian are proof...

OmniDecor reinterprets Greenery

Two different shades for DecorOpal®: Grass and Avocado

16/02/2017 - A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings. Greenery is a fresh and lively shade that evokes the first days of spring, when nature’s greens shades revive and renew, more beautiful than ever. Illustrative of flourishing foliage andthe lushness of the great outdoors, Greenery signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate. Always in line with the most recent trends, OmniDecor translates the delicacy of Greenery with two different DecorOpal® shades: Grass and Avocado. These two colors match well within DecorOpal® color chart, including neutral brilliant, deep, pastel as well as metallic colors. DecorOpal®...

Graff presents Finezza at ISH

A timeless faucet collection

16/02/2017 - At the next edition of ISH, Graff presents Finezza collection. Internally designed by the G + Design Studio, FINEZZA features architectural details combined with clean lines. The faucet’s main body has been developed into a shape that relies on a unique form, wider at the base and at the top, slimmer in the middle.   FINEZZA is the expression of a lifestyle that embraces the past and reinterprets it with modern design details. In Frankfurt, the collection will be presented in its most “art-deco” version, featuring a smooth, stylized line ending with a traditional decoration at the base of the body. The complete series offers a wide selection of items...

Thermoglance® – Design, Comfort, Energy Saving

16/02/2017 - Without turning on the central plant, with Thermoglance you can warm up the bathroom in a few minutes, or when necessary to create 'heat islands' in the house, very nice during mid-season. This modern and elegant glass plate looks like as a single unit extremely compact and indestructible: once fixed to the wall or floor does not need no maintenance and periodic inspection.   Thermoglance® a yield of close to 99% then consume only what is necessary to obtain the desired temperature, conventional combustion does not exceed 80%.. Keep in mind that the cost of an electrical installation and 'approximately ¼ the hydraulic equivalent. Asola Vetro...

Ecosism at Made 2017

16/02/2017 - The ECOSISM® constructive system allows to realize reinforced concrete buildings, seismic resistant, with high acoustic performance, solid, with a high thermal insulation and fire resistant at a highly competitive cost of construction in half time compared to traditional construction solutions with same performance. Thanks to ECOSISM® technology is now possible build high energy efficient buildings (high energy class, LEED, Climahouse, Minergie, Passivhaus, NEZB) classified in acoustic terms for a better life quality and secure against natural and accidental events. In summary: quality housing that looks to the future. The innovation of the Ecosism® system is not...

Airfloor™: build slim floors with the lightest self-supporting slab in the market

Presented the ultimate element of New Performance System®, the new frontier of composite structures

16/02/2017 - Airfloor™ is the solution for any kind of upward extensions, fast to be placed and suitable to every project requirement. With less than 50kg/sq., Airfloor™ is self-supporting up to 5.5 meters. The EPS (airpop) layer offers thermal-insulation and works as casting formwork. The placement is easy: panels fit together thanks to the structural protrusion of the slab. Casting can start immediately without need for additional nets. The basis is smooth, without downstanding and equipped with plates to accommodate false ceiling. Benefits > The lightest self- supporting slab on the market > Self-supporting > Beam-slab without downstanding > Suitable for drawing...