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MDF Italia in the spotlight at Biennale Interieur 2014Timeless solutions and simple design on display

MDF Italia in the spotlight at Biennale Interieur 2014

31/10/2014 - At last edition of Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, MDF Italia unveiled its products to the Belgian audience: timeless solutions that affect the collective unconscious with a simple design, with a simple language and internationally. GRAFO soca system, design by Victor Vasilev Grafo comes from the designer’s desire to endow a soft object with the 'identifying mark' of the iconic products of the MDF Italia collection. A pure, straightforward graphic quality - part of the company’s philosophy – has been the source of inspiration for the project. With no daring pursuit at any cost, this modular system mixing upholstered and rigid elements,...

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Metals and natural essences in chromatic and material balanceBeluga, the kitchen designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Rastelli

Metals and natural essences in chromatic and material balance

31/10/2014 - Discretion is his lifestyle. His language is definitely contemporary and personal, often recognizable in a sign or in a peculiar colour. Ferruccio Laviani has designed Beluga concept for Rastelli; about the company he says: “The most beautiful thing is when you’re trying to motivate a company through your proposals and realize that they have been already understood and welcomed, realize to have in front of you who first gave you traction and support to make it come true, and that starts asking you more and more until you reach a certain point where you need to slow it down”.   Beluga gets in Rastelli constituent scene as a composition made of sober...

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Connect. Share. Enjoy: CascandoA new way to experience the office

Connect. Share. Enjoy: Cascando

30/10/2014 - The Dutch interior brand Cascando presented its new product series at Orgatec in Cologne. These designs embody Cascando’s vision: creating a positive, harmonious environment where people love to live and work.   Cascando showcased its (r)evolutionary character through this series of premieres, including surprising designs by well‐known Dutch designer Robert Bronwasser and Design Studio Emiliana from Spain.   Integral approach to an open area with Team and Pillow The expansion of the award winning Pillow series (Interior Innovation Award 2013) by Pillow Space elements, as well as the further development of the renowned Team collection (German Design...

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Trizo21 at Interieur 2014How light translates into shapes

Trizo21 at Interieur 2014

30/10/2014 - The architectural lighting of Trizo21 translates light into shapes to create an atmosphere, a concept, a project. Have a look at a selection of products presented by Trizo21 at Interieur 2014.   AUSTERE, design by Hans Verstuyft The essence of light. A graceful gesture, pure in form, clear in function. A bell of light reminiscent of a Chinese lantern, a small and simple lamp. It gets a specific character that seems to feel at home anywhere. The power of simplicity makes it a natural object but with a mysterious stratification. The construction of the armature is subtle and functional. With a limited number of parts, varied models are available for ceiling, table, wall...

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Kastel presents its new collections at OrgatecSeatings and tables for contract and workspace

Kastel presents its new collections at Orgatec

30/10/2014 - The international biennial “ORGATEC 2014” exhibition, dedicated to the office furniture in Cologne, Germany has just ended. At the Kastel stand, visitors from all over the world expressed great appreciation for the previews of collection 2014/2015 such as the new monoblock chair called KICCA ONE, KYRO stool in various colors, KENION modular chair and some additions to existing ranges.   KICCA ONE Monoblock stackable sitting in polypropylene, glass-fiber reinforced, injection molded with high grade material, anti UV, colours: white, red, pearl gray, green, lava, taupe. This article becomes an integration that goes into the already wide range of seating...

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+HALLE launches new products at Orgatec 2014Sally, Stella and Lobby upgrade

+HALLE launches new products at Orgatec 2014

31/10/2014 - Danish furniture brand +HALLE launches two new products from the design duo Busk+Hertzog that showcased in a newly developed stand concept under the name CREATING HUMAN SPACES. Moreover, new additions and features to the modular seating system Lobby debuted in order to make the system even more functional and versatile. The new features include: electricity, trays, taller backs, and a room within the room function.   The stand concept seeks to embrace and underline +HALLE´s overall vision of Creating Human Spaces. “We believe that good design takes its starting point in human life and human behaviour, and we believe that people who feel good – either...

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Lamm presents new products for workspace and public areaAt Orgatec the space dedicated to acoustic and lighting comfort

Lamm presents new products for workspace and public area

31/10/2014 - At Orgatec, Lamm’s board wanted to combine tradition and innovation, design and functionality, craftsmanship and original technological solutions. Making its début will be the new product line, “Caruso”, which is entirely dedicated to acoustic and lighting comfort.   Lamm will be making a considerable organisational effort to create a stand of over 300 m2, enhanced by a 30 m2 section entirely dedicated to acoustic and lighting comfort: in total, there will be 9 products, including 2 that feature brand new innovative technology and a completely original product line.   This will help Lamm and Caruso Acoustic to mark its presence at...

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Residential Workspace: Thonet merges the world of working and livingAt Orgatec the focus lies on making the office space feel more at home

Residential Workspace: Thonet merges the world of working and living

30/10/2014 - At Orgatec 2014, Thonet defined a clear course with the subject of residential workspaces:  “We have realised that the line between work and private life is becoming increasingly blurred in many places with respect to both time and location. This is precisely where our new products and future developments are positioned,” says Managing Director Thorsten Muck. Appropriately, in addition to the cosy design of conference and meeting rooms, the focus is also on applications for the private realm that should represent both a functional and representative workspace. One major issue is individualization: the new sporty and elegant conference chair programme...

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The customized office according to TecnoNew and best-selling products in Cologne

The customized office according to Tecno

30/10/2014 - Tecno displayed its collections at the last edition of Orgatec 2014, Modern Office & Facility event in Cologne, the world's biggest 'modern office' fair. Tecno's new proposals for Cologne 2014 revolve around a number of key concepts such as versatility, flexibility, division and aggregation, aiming to propose effective solutions to current problems linked to ever-evolving working environments. Bringing together advanced technology and aesthetic quality are the new W80 partition wall , which can be fully equipped and customised for optimum flexibility, designed to integrate all kinds of technology and characterised by exceptional finish versatility, and MULTY,...

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Nyta. Enjoy the lightTilt and Fade collections

Nyta. Enjoy the light

29/10/2014 - Objects that intrigue. Nyta, a young brand composed by three lighting designers who share a genuine passion for their craft, have two new products to light: Tilt and Fade collections. "We take great satisfaction and pride in designing light and the sources from which it emanates. It is important to us that our original design ideas are kept alive every step of the way, right down to the finished product. To achieve this we carefully consider all esthetic and technical details and get involved in the manufacturing process. We precisely define materials, surfaces and product details as well as paying meticulous attention to handling and everyday use" Tilt - Lighting...

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