Plates, cups, accessories. Design comes to the table

Mixing&Matching natural chic materials

25/07/2016 - Basic objects which become modified in time, based on our daily actions. After the 'disposable' and 'mass production' era, a more sustainable version of home living affirms itself, especially in the kitchen, where objects and furniture live and evolve with us. Marble, wood, warm metals, ceramics: natural materials become the new protagonists. Here is a selection of ideas, scenarios, and suggestions for creating a table with a natural chic style.   Ceramics and glass. Two traditional, exceptional materials are reinterpreted through informal and welcoming lines, with particular attention to the surface finishes and tactile sensations which result from...

Spine, a melancholic spirited collection

Two new addition: Spine Lounge Petit and Spine Daybed

22/07/2016 -  The Spine Collection, originally created for a Michelin starred restaurant, is designed by the renowned design team Space Copenhagen for Fredericia. This year two new pieces are joining the family: Spine Lounge Petit and Spine Daybed.   “Keywords in the process were to create a sturdy, clean and a singular melancholic spirited collection. Like in the most adorned Danish design we hope to have created furniture that will live a long life on its own. To make something personal and human that connects furniture with the user.” – Space Copenhagen   Spine Lounge Petit is a small and light easy chair. The design has taken Space Copenhagen back...

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Molteni Heritage Collection

Great new classics that can step straight out of their museum showcases

22/07/2016 - After the Gio Ponti collection, successfully re-produced since 2012, Molteni&C is re-examining its own history with an eye to the future. The 80!Molteni exhibition, the creation of the company’s historical archive and its recently inaugurated Molteni Museum have provided an opportunity for revival, from the origins of modernity. Intriguing traces have emerged from a past that turns out to be contemporary, ripe for a re-think today. Great new classics, unique pieces that can step straight out of their museum showcases and into our contemporary homes. A project that inaugurates the 2016 Salone del Mobile with four new items: a chest of drawers, a bookcase, a chair and...

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An inflatable golden Eiffel Tower suspended beneath the Galeries Lafayette dome

Three exhibition by Toiletpaper with Gufram and Seletti

21/07/2016 - Galeries Lafayette celebrated with a big party the opening of the special project by TOILETPAPER. The creative duo Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari spiced up the Galeries Lafayette store with a display window sequence, an exhibition at Galerie des Galeries and an inflatable golden Eiffel Tower with two giant eggs suspended beneath the dome.   Gufram and Seletti are proud to be part of this amazing project through their projects realized together with the magazine, on display within the exhibition space Galerie des Galeries.   Cattelan and Ferrari explain: 'We imagined our presence at Galerie des Galeries as platforms of experience where, depending...

Lapalma for Skyway Mont Blanc

Three structures to enjoy the wonderful panorama offered by the peaks covered with snow

20/07/2016 - Lapalma furniture was selected to characterize the environment at the three stations of Skyway: this is the new cableway that Funivie del Monte Bianco inaugurated in June 2015. This dream facility takes tourists and mountaineers till 3,466 mt on sea level, to Helbronner peak. The three stations, each at a different elevation, house several bars, restaurants and shops, an exhibition hall, viewpoints indoor and outdoor so that visitors can enjoy the wonderful panorama offered by the peaks covered with snow.   The interior has been designed by the architects Roberto Rosset and Danilo Montovert, whose concern was to respect the particular existing architecture, choosing...

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Perfect order

From clothes hangers to magazine racks: 15 ideas to furnish and order your home

19/07/2016 - Putting one's belongings in order is more than a necessity, it could be a great, almost spiritual way to become zen. In her small, best-selling compendium, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing" Japanese writer Marie Kondo affirms that "when a person experiments at least once with "perfect order", you begin to feel that your very existence has undergone a metamorphosis." Organizing a domestic space is therefore important if one desired a functional and comfortable home that is free from stress. Clothes racks, shelves, magazine racks, umbrella holders, and dividers which range from textile...

Precious weaving for indoor and outdoor

Trends and tips to transform your home with textiles

18/07/2016 - Linen, cotton, silk, wool, string. The possibilites of renewing your home with textiles are endless. From upholstery for walls and carpets for outdoor areas, from linens for bedding and tables, textile expressions invade each corner with a touch of originality. Threads, colors, and patterns mix to create geometric or minimal weavings that can be experimental or traditional. Here is a journey through 4 trends from which to draw inspiration to transform your home with textiles. Minimal Minimal decorating. This phrase may seem like an oxymoron, but it hides a world of infinite possibility. Printed textiles give way to braiding, to the richness of material, through a play...

Ceramiche Caesar for Superga Store in Milan

The exhibition space enhanced by intense shades of Elapse collection

25/07/2016 - Milan has always been the nerve centre for new trends, particularly when it comes to fashion. Dotted by small boutiques and fashion houses, the historic center of the main city in the Italian region of Lombardia brings together the most important fashion brands and offers endless shopping opportunities. The most famous shopping streets include Corso Vittorio Emanuele, home to numerous clothes shops that make it one of the main shopping spots in the entire city. And it is here where Superga, the famous footwear brand founded in 1911, has opened its latest store.   Ceramiche Caesar was identified as the ideal partner for the supply of gres porcelain tiles and for the...

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HEY-SIGN: Innovation in Felt

New home accessories in wool felt @ Maison&Objet

25/07/2016 - HEY-SIGN represents innovative, design-oriented products as well as customised production of high quality wool felt. On the occasion of Maison&Objet, Paris September 2nd - 6th, HEY-SIGN introduces its felt creation. Acoustic modules & Room dividers Considering the design of individual life and working areas, wool felt is an ideal material: it optically separates open office and living environment, absorbs noise and improves acoustics. As a high-quality natural material, it also has positive impacts on the room atmosphere. The acoustic modules WAVE separated optically and protected acoustically.   FLOW is more than a room divider: it is an object with sculptural...

RIG-TIG = Function + Design + Resources

New collection at M&O 2016

22/07/2016 - RIG-TIG is a modern scandinavian kitchenware brand. RIG-TIG offers award-winning, functional products that make life easier and more fun—while keeping nature’s limited resources in mind, whenever possible.   During MAISON&OBJET, in Paris from 2 to 6 September 2016, RIG-TIG will present its new collection for your kitchen.   Frothy, Milk Frother Design Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri, 2016   FROTHY makes it a breeze to froth the milk for your coffee. FROTHY is easy to use and the milk is frothed with effectiveness. Cleaning with a damp cloth and storing FROTHY is also easy. Because of the protective cap, it...

ORGATEC 2016: Design Solutions for the New Way of Working

Cologne, 25 - 29 October

22/06/2016 - Nowadays, the office is everywhere: in the car, in the train, at home and in the garden. Life and work flow into each other. This trend can be criticised, but one thing it cannot be is ignored. What can and can’t be done with technology increasingly determines our work lives. We are always online and contactable everywhere. New solutions, unusual ideas and innovative products are called for.   ORGATEC, which takes place in Cologne from 25 to 29 October 2016, takes up this challenge. Long gone are the days when just desks, filing systems etc. were presented at the leading international trade fair for the modern working world. It is much more to do with work culture,...

Andreu World Design Contest, are you up for the challenge?

Get inspired and takes part in!

21/07/2016 - The main phase of the annual Andreu World Design Contest is under way. Regular registration is now open through December 2016. During this time Andreu World invites the international design community to submit their best works to the communication design competition. From chairs, armchairs, stools and tables, all different typologies of seating and tables are welcome to compete.   What Andreu World is looking for in a design? The international jury, composed each year by professionals from the creative sectors of architecture, design and media, review and select designs that offer innovative solutions in design, quality, technology, manufacturing processes and sustainability.   Participants...

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Divineglass®: a new way to decorates outdoors

ALTIIS revolutionizes your gardens

21/07/2016 - Glass is an unexpected addition to the garden; it opens the door to endless possibilities for outdoor ornemental flooring: ornamentation, personal signature, photo, tableau, etc. Due to assembly qualities and slip resistance, DivineGlass® by ALTIIS offer a new solution to decorate outdoors floors. Personalized, DivineGlass® glass modules have dual functions: decorative and illuminating. DECORATIVE: like a « jewel », DivineGlass® Decor module brings unusual touch of colour to floor : refined and stylish detail, its gives character to terraces, pathways, balconies, etc. instantly.   NEW: assessing artistic potential of DivineGlass® Decor...

Micah by Tabisso

The sculptural bar stool designed by Michael Sean Stolworthy

21/07/2016 - The project started by love at first sight among the designers at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, eagerly seeking a mecha/droid-like set of stools as a finishing touch for a bar on board the Oasis Harmony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship ever built in history, set to come out of the French St. Nazaire shipyard STX. Designed by Las Vegas based Michael Sean Stolworthy for Tabisso, the Micah stool was quickly considered as being the absolute design piece required for their unique venue, the futurist Bionic Bar bound to be the first true robotic bar in the world, assembling cocktails with robotic arms just like in a car assembly line. The sculptural, skeleton-like Micah...

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Light Purity

The new Quattro.Zero cabinet mirrors by Falper

20/07/2016 - In just 4 mm of depth, the absolute precision of the aluminium structure delineates the new QUATTRO.ZERO cabinet mirrors with back lighting and front built-in LED lighting.   The built-in lamp holder profiles have been designed to effectively illuminate the face by means of LED lights with a CRI index greater than 80, enabling the perception of all skin colour nuances. Mirrors are available in white and matt grey finishes as well as in brushed stainless steel finish.     FALPER on ARCHIPRODUCTS...

Bitta, a dense braiding that would still let the air through

Rodolfo Dordoni for Kettal

20/07/2016 - Kettal Bitta is characterised by a combination of aluminium frames , seats of braided polyester and comfortable cushions, teak and stone for the table tops—all completely weatherproof materials.   "My aim was to create dense braiding that would still let the air through, reminiscent of the braiding of the ropes used to moor boats, which makes the pieces look lightweight but, at the same time, they look just like cosy nests in natural colours to sit back and relax in." Rodolfo Dordoni...

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Minimalism and lightness

Ironia and Suerte, the new coffee table by Erba Italia

19/07/2016 - The convergence between the creativity of Giorgio Soressi and the many materials already used in ERBA ITALY Collections come the new IRONIA and SUERTE coffee tables: metal, marble, natural wood and lacquered wood.   They come together, they join together, they meet together and then they can be used as single pieces or in composition. They have soft and rounded shape for a compound minimalism. A versatile and functional accessories. Their sense of lightness allow them to be used anywhere.   ERBA ITALIA on ARCHIPRODUCTS...

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plusDECK chosen from the great decorator Eliane Pinheiro

18/07/2016 - presents two project that we have done with the great decorator Eliane Pinheiro from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Since 1984, she has had her work showcased in top magazines and specialty books, highlighting both residential and commercial projects. She defines her style as clean and contemporary, using only the best harmonic materials and high-quality finishing touches. Eliane emphasizes concept in her projects, transforming the spaces designed by her firm into contemporary scenes. For plasticWOOD has been a pleasure work with her. She appreciated the natural finishes of our profiles understanding the innovation of a product that perfectly combine nature,...
The art of wine tasting has never been so closely linked to the world of design and technology

WineOLED: innovative wireless lamp in HI-MACS® for wine lovers

15/07/2016 - Italian company Deslabs has created WineOLED, a lamp for both professional and amateur tasters, made in HI-MACS®. WineOLED makes it possible to illuminate the glass from behind, in order to be able to analyze the properties of the wine: color, transparency, brilliance, intensity, nuances of the pigment, and formation of tears.   Unique design, innovative materials and technology – these are the characteristics that all come together in WineOLED. Deslabs has designed and created this lamp using next generation materials such as HI-MACS® Natural Acrylic Stone, alongside cutting edge technologies such as OLED lighting and Tesla's iconic wireless power transfer.   HI-MACS®...

San Sebastián: refurbishing of the rationalist icon

Stua @ Royal yatch Club

15/06/2016 - The Royal yatch Club of San Sebastián is one of the most singular designs of the “Movimiento Moderno”, by José Manuel Aizpurúa and Joaquín Labayen architects, it was opened in 1929. Now, this racionalist building that reminds the silhouette a of ship, has been refurbished by José Ángel Medina architect for GU.   STUA has been responsible for the furniture with Nube armchairs and Marea tables for the lounge area, Onda stools in the counters, Globus multi-purpose chairs and outdoor Deneb tables and benches. The design of the NUBE armchair comes from the combination between the flat orthodoxy of the contemporary spaces...

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