A single moulds for 18 different armchair models

Myplace, a new LaCividina collection designed by Michael Geldmacher

26/08/2016 - With the aim of creating the perfect armchair for the many different needs of the contract market, from office use to relaxation, Michael Geldmacher has conceived and espoused an innovative outlook on design. The result is Myplace, a new collection of LaCividina lounge chairs.   The two shells used for the seats and the headrests are both produced in single moulds of different shapes and sizes. The parts were inspired by the sweeping lines of a conch and they can be combined to form a collection of armchairs that can easily respond to any seating needs.   This cutting-edge yet simple concept is behind 18 different armchair models. Their distinguishing features...

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by Lassen’s My Own Chair

'It’s all about comfort and finding a little piece of tranquillity in our busy lives'

26/08/2016 - Flemming Lassen’s striking sculptured armchair ‘My Own Chair’ has long been held in high regard by design lovers around the world. Originally designed in 1938 for the Cabinetmakers Guild Exhibition in Copenhagen, the chair’s unique two-part shape was considered too progressive even for the modernists of the time to be put into production. This meant that only one chair was ever made.   ‘Flemming’s chair’ or ‘My Own Chair’ subsequently stayed with the architect in private for the rest of his life as a favourite place to sit and relax in after work. As the years passed, the chair’s design became a source of great inspiration...

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Loop, reshape the traditional shelf and give it more form and function

The modular system by We Do Wood

26/08/2016 - Loop Shelf is a highly flexible and modular shelving system designed by Sebastian Jørgense for We Do Wood.   “…my intention with Loop Shelf was to reshape the traditional shelf and give it more form and function. The shelf is very thin and yet 26 cm deep to give it more functionality and the turned bamboo parts add strength and are also used for mounting the shelf.” Sebastian Jørgense explains.   The shelves can be used individually or combined to create a complete shelving solution. The specially designed loop-shaped brackets are mounted directly onto the bamboo shelf, creating a light and exceptionally strong piece of furniture....

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Valentim, passion for colour

DAM's sofa now in new colours

25/08/2016 - The newest product of DAM continues to inspire a passionate life. Valentim is a sofa that refers to the nostalgia of the serenades dedicated to a maiden at the balcony.   Be in walnut or oak, the Valentim sofa is available in key colours to make sure you feel sheltered by exceptional fabrics in inspiring and relaxing colors. Let’s take a look at the four colours of the “Fame” fabric by Gabriel for the upholstery. The colour “Baby blue” evokes the sky and reflects a sense of order and peace. The “Shy blue” enhance the idea of freshness and wellness. The colour “Retro pink” is a reminiscent of the sunset, carrying us to...

Saen, the cement table designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti

A collection which combines the elegance of the design to the refinement of the materials

23/08/2016 - Following the success of saen, the table with a monolith cement base, the design duo Gabriele and Oscar Buratti have developed a product family which represents the natural fulfilment of this project. By redesigning the base proportions, a collection of side tables is now being presented which exploits this same base, thanks to a system of joints in different heights, to create a vast product family ideally suited to accessorizing sofas and armchairs in lounge contexts.   As for the table saen , also the side tables are characterized by an important base which in a fluid, continuous and soft design sees this table turned into a slender, willowy stem, creating a...

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Solano Benítez and his architectural values at Cersaie 2016

September 28th @ Galleria dell'Architettura

17/08/2016 - Gabinete de Arquitectura – where Solano Benítez works together with his partners Gloria Cabral and Solanito Benítez – won the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale for best participant in the 15th International Exhibition Reporting From The Front curated by Alejandro Aravena. Their exhibit, consisting of a large low-tech brick and mortar archway, harnessed simple materials, structural ingenuity and unskilled labour to bring architecture to underserved communities.   Born in Asunción in 1963, Solano Benítez graduated in architecture from the National University of Asunción in 1986 and founded Gabinete de Arquitectura in 1987....

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Tynningö Pool House, natural indoor harmony

Baux wood-wool tiles bring a natural sense of harmony to this indoor island space

26/08/2016 - Tynningö Pool House offers year round relaxation, with stunning views over Stockholm’s archipelago. But creating the perfect indoor environment meant overcoming a few challenges. Architect David Wettergren was looking for a material that would reduce sound reflections from hard surfaces and parallel walls. He solved the problem by installing BAUX designs. The wood-wool BAUX tiles reduced sound reflections and added a finishing touch to this serene space.    “Moisture and buildings don’t mix well, so any moisture absorption reduces stresses on materials and structures. Reducing moisture also makes for a better indoor environment. In open indoor spaces...

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Lynko, the nomadic furniture collection

A modular free standing system for a contemporary wayfaring lifestyle

25/08/2016 - Argentinian architect and designer Natalia Geci has launched the latest in her nomadic furniture collection, LYNKO - a modular freestanding system designed to transform and created to fill the needs of a contemporary wayfaring lifestyle.   The current economic climate has developed an increasingly transient culture. With the idea of a home becoming less fixed and stable, Geci started to rethink what home meant to her and the relationship she had with her possessions. Years of accumulating furniture to then disregard it left Geci searching for a portable furniture solution that could integrate into any household, discouraging the throwaway culture and exploring the changing...

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NYTA: Tilt collection keeps growing

Tilt Floor and Tilt Globe Brass

24/08/2016 - Nyta will show its new additions to their Tilt product line of luminaires at the upcoming Maison&Objet trade fair.  Tilt Floor is a minimalistic reading lamp with a height of 130cm and a freely rotatable lamp shade. It will be available in two different shapes (conical 'Tilt' and spherical 'Tilt Globe') in black, grey and white.   In addition to that they will show Tilt Globe Brass, a solid brass version of the pendant light Tilt Globe. Nyta hopes that their products arouse your interest and are at your disposal for any further questions you may have. Nyta is a young German lighting brand...

Architecture for education with Grafton Architects

Architect Shelley McNamara will be speaking at Cersaie on Thursday 29 September

24/08/2016 - Irish architect Shelley McNamara, co-founder of Grafton Architects with Ivonne Farrell, will be taking part in the “building, dwelling, thinking” programme at Cersaie 2016 with the conference An Arena for Learning: Grafton Architects, scheduled for Thursday 29 September, 17.00, at the Architecture Gallery. Together with Fulvio Irace, Professor of History of Architecture at Milan Polytechnic, Shelley McNamara will consider the subject of education: how can the architecture of universities and other institutions improve the education of young people in this increasingly complex world? How can the free exchange of ideas and synergies between different disciplines...

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The Panzeri Rings collection nominee for the German Design Award 2017

Golden Ring, Silver Ring and Planet Ring

24/08/2016 - Panzeri Rings are a family success which can be perceived from sales: Golden Ring was in fact the main Panzeri product sold in 2015 and the novelty this year, the Silver Ring lamps and Planet Ring, are as successful in the market as their older brother.   The success of the Rings is not merely determined by the number of sales. The highly esteemed international jury of the German Design Council has chosen the famous family of lamps, available in hanging, ceiling or recessed versions among the products worthy of contending for the German Design Award 2017. This is the first step referring to the product design quality which also starred another product last year,...

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New Oriental line by Alivar

Minimalist aesthetic and research into materials

24/08/2016 - Alivar introduces the new Oriental line for the 2016 Home Project collection designed by the architect Giuseppe Bavuso, featuring a refined minimalist aesthetic combined with a high level of research into materials and design.   Oriental reflects the brand's elegant, essential style that makes it recognisable the world over. The collection comes complete with solutions for both the day and night zones: three sideboard models, a chest of drawers, a tallboy and a bedside table.   Oriental sideboards are available in a 179.2 cm version with two side doors and two drawers in the central section, a longer 234.5 cm size with four doors and a taller...

Menu, Modernism Reimagined

Brand new AW16 collection at Maison&Objet

23/08/2016 - Menu will launch a brand new collection of furniture, lighting and accessories at this September’s Maison & Objet. The new collection is made up of carefully considered pieces, which are both pure and minimalistic, whilst integrating richness and depth.   Modernism Reimagined will continue to be the concept behind the AW16 collection. The concept draws inspiration from the late modernists of our time, extracting elements from architecture and design, to create beautifully designed products and clever solutions for modern living. This Modernist style has infused every form of design, from architecture and product design to graphics and illustration,...

EBRU @ Maison&Objet 2016

New collection and best seller

22/08/2016 - EBRU will take part at Maison&Objet for the 11th year in a row. They will be presenting their new carpet collections, the latest designs and one of a kind carpets at this September edition of Maison&Objet in Paris, from the 2th till the 6th of September in Hall 5B at Stand A46. Their Creative minds have outdone themselves creating great new designs for the Cowhide Carpets, Dynasty Carpets and the Metropol Carpets.   New Renaissance Rugs Beauty comes in many forms, just take a look at our Handmade Renaissance collection. During the Maison et Objet in September EBRU will be presenting you their latest Renaissance designs and surprise you with beautiful colour...

Viccarbe Wears Mediterranean Tones

Sand and Altea Blue

19/08/2016 - Despite the increasingly important role of digital media and cutting edge virtual reality, the physical world around us still exerts a primordial influence on our lives. Light and colour continue to define its materiality, tracing and rendering the objects and environments that surround us.    The contemporary furniture manufacturer Viccarbe understands the power of colour as a design tool to communicate sensation and emotion, two essential ingredients within all of their collections. The technology behind its colour palette is in constant evolution and expresses the very essence of the Mediterranean, its intensity and optimism, the joie de vivre...

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'Introducing nature into the hotel'

Interior design project with HI-MACS® for the remodel of Novotel Madrid Center

17/08/2016 - “Introducing nature into the hotel” was the premise of International Hospitality Projects (IHP) for the fulfillment of this incredible interior design project. The changes in how the space is arranged and the use of next-generation materials like HI-MACS® have transformed the renovated Novotel Madrid Center into a model for contemporary design. The recently inaugurated four-star Novotel Madrid Center is located in one of the most central, bestknown parts of Madrid, adjacent to the elegant Salamanca district and very close to the emblematic El Retiro Park. Owned by the Santos Family, what was formerly the Hotel Convención is now managed by the Accor...

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Sunbrella® In&Out collection @ M&O 2016

Indoors, outdoors... wherever you use them, the fabrics promote free circulation

17/08/2016 - The new Sunbrella® In&Out collection is based on unique expertise, encouraging contemplation in all seasons.   The Sunbrella® upholstery fabrics create a textile landscape with magnificent views of today’s trends and push the boundaries of applications.   Indoors, outdoors... wherever you use them, the fabrics promote free circulation. As an unprecedented panorama of textile design, the Sunbrella® Indoor-Outdoor collection expands the limits of the imagination and offers a horizon that is both authentic and creative, immutable and changing, discreet and flamboyant. ...

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Harmonious Combination

Renowned electrical engineering office opts for lighting and acoustics solutions from the Nimbus Group

16/08/2016 - It may sound like an unusual approach to planning, but it really is true: the Nimbus Group lighting and acoustics solutions in the new office of IBG B. Graf AG Engineering in St. Gallen are actually based on a photograph in a brochure. Roger Violka, the director of building technology at IBG, was even inspired by the colour of the Rossoacoustic PADs as the combination with the Modul Q luminaires was exactly what he had had in mind.   A leading engineering office, specialising among other things in energy and building technology, opted for LED luminaires and Rossoacoustic solutions from the Nimbus Group with its two brands Nimbus (lighting) and Rosso (acoustics). It was...

_e-DEN, the poetic world of Henri Bursztyn

An imaginary garden where plants become light at M&O

16/08/2016 - The new _e-DEN range is the result of an encounter between the latest LED technologies and the poetic world of Henri BURSZTYN.   A subtle combination of mineral and vegetable, _e-DEN transports us into an imaginary garden where plants become light and oscillate with the wind. Magical fruit, flowers and grasses in a multitude of shades reveal the LED filament, which, for the first time, is used in decorative lighting.   Made in France by a master glass-blower, each glass shell offers a unique character, as if shaped by nature. The light appears to float in its glass cocoon diffusing a multitude of golden highlights. Magical and enchanting garden, _e-DEN is...

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The underwater garden by FOS Ceramiche

Porcelain unique pieces at M&O 2016

12/08/2016 - Porcelain objects, expression of the nature’s timeless harmony, consistent with the mission of Fos Ceramiche represented by the maxim “natura indomita – materia dominata”. Porifera Collection   The texture, inspired by corals, is a hymn to the beauty of marine world, astonishing for the exotic shapes of its creatures. Decorated with a myriad of tiny mouths, it’s an object to explore by touch. The irregular surfaces and the metal oxides create unrepeatable chromatic effects, making each object a unique piece. Anthozoa collection   Each object of this collection is a unique sculpture, where shape triumph over functionality....

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