A sculpture-like flying roof and an extraordinary entrance in HI-MACS® for Hanse Merkur

06/12/2016 - Architects Wasfy Taha and Fionn Mögel from Querkopf-Architekten were assigned with the task to create a new face for Hanse Merkur company in Hamburg. What the architects found at the existing building near the Dammtor train station was an inconsistent 'architectural mix'.   The offices of this traditional company are located in the historic old building 'Haus Wedells', which consists of a structure from the 90s and a glass atrium. An extended entrance hall was used to create the link between the different eras, while making a dramatic architectural statement.   The architects from Querkopf-Architekten decided to devise the entrance as a...

The new Roda 2017 catalogue

A book dedicated to outdoor life

06/12/2016 - With fresh new graphics and beautifully bound, the new RODA catalogue is conceived as a book to browse, keep and re-read, by image storytelling, to provide RODA's inspiration and impetus for the outdoor life. A toolbox that expresses the way of seeing and interpreting outdoor living by RODA: 300 pages displaying the collections and underlying themes.   A formal, conceptual design approach, which puts materials at centre stage and suggests new interpretations and new solutions. No longer just teak - the 'star' of many RODA collections - but also metals, softened with cord and webbing in exquisite natural colours, or high-tech padding which allows water to drain...

Cartoonist desk by nendo

A new desk project for Yusei Matsui, a famous Japanese cartoonist

06/12/2016 - Cartoonist desk by nendo is a desk produced at the request of Yusei Matsui, a renowned Japanese cartoonist who authored “Assassination Classroom” as well as other publications. The final design was a reflection of research on his drawing desk and information he provided.    An L-shaped partition was asymmetrically placed at the back of the desk, particularly suited for Mr. Matsui who is left-handed; serving to create a secluded space where he can focus on his drawings. The desk is open on the right side enabling him to work unobtrusively with his assistants.  By placing as many tools as possible on the left wall panel a layout that allowed him...

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CASA LAGO opens in the centre of Milan

400 design-driven square metres dedicated to business and networking

05/12/2016 - In 2009, LAGO used a revolutionary approach to overthrow the paradigms for presenting design, opening the Appartamento LAGO, an entirely new format for an industry that was resting on its laurels at the time. Completely furnished by LAGO and open to all, in the span of just a few days the Appartamento LAGO in Milan welcomed hundreds of people: it was a vital space where visitors could make themselves at home and at the same time experience LAGO design, sitting comfortably on a sofa, gathering around a table or eating in the kitchen, just like at home.   That just might have been the seed for what Daniele Lago and his team have created today, seven years later: CASA LAGO,...

BAUX transforms a residential-inspired office space and kicks off client meetings

At OPUS Corporation

05/12/2016 - OPUS Corporation was looking to create a space that was in keeping with their business interests in construction and property development.   Taking inspiration from luxury residential design, Interior Design firm Jerilyn Wright & Associates helped to create a contemporary space where visitors feel instantly relaxed. Visible through the glass wall of the meeting room, the BAUX design provides a surprise moment as you transition through the space. Not only does it make a visual statement, it’s become an interactive tool and talking point during meetings. As the wood wool BAUX tiles are attached magnetically to the wall, sections can be removed to illustrate modern...

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frame 52 by Alberto Meda

Alias’ top sellers has been restyled to conform to new ways of working

02/12/2016 - The frame 52 collection was created by analysing the proportions of contemporary seats and the changes that have taken place in the typical construction of the office chair, which has increasingly acquired the connotations of a “workplace”, where different social relations activities and team work activities take place.   To meet these new requirements, starting from the mechanical design of the rollingframe and the meetingframe equipped with the oscillating TILT mechanism, Alias asked Alberto Meda to study a new system of bases and mechanisms which would make it possible to increase the width of the seat by 10%. The difficulties encountered during the...

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The Booster Grill: the BBQ revolution

Röshults is taking barbecuing to a whole new level

02/12/2016 - With passion, experience, years of development and thousands of tests and evaluations, Röshults has finally created the ultimate grill. This revolutionary barbecue combines innovative technology with their characteristic design language of sophistication and elegance. Röshults is taking barbecuing to a whole new level. Röshults presents The Booster Grill! "In the beginning of the design process we made some basic guidelines regarding in which direction the Booster Grill would go regarding look and function. We wanted it to stand out and take on a new look that communicates the function and suggests a connection to the aesthetics of classic Hi-fidelity objects....

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An exclusive Mediterranean experience in nature

Viccarbe furnishes Vivood Landscape Hotel in Benimantell

01/12/2016 - Enjoying nature in all its glory without sacrificing the comforts of urban life and its connectivity, this is the leitmotif of the Vivood Landscape Hotels – the first of which is located in the Benimantell (Alicante) in the heart of the Guadalest Valley.   Within its natural setting the small 25 room boutique hotel designed by Daniel Mayo, Agustín Marí and Pablo Vázquez consists of a series of timber and viroc pavilions that sit on metal pilotis 3 metres above the ground in order to provide unique views of the surrounding landscape. The influence of sustainability considerations and local ecology is everywhere including the interior design...

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Montparnasse wins German Design Award 2017

The easy chair designed by Christophe Pillet for Offecct

01/12/2016 - The Montparnasse easy chair, designed by France’s Christophe Pillet for Offecct, has won the Furniture category of the German Design Award 2017.   Pillet got inspired by, amongst other products, ordinary camping gear and has then added elegance and quality - which has created Montparnasse. “I have always been interested in Offecct’s philosophy and method. They are into developing alternative solutions and finding new paths instead of just following trends. This easy chair is designed with the ambition of using less material. Traditionally, easy chairs, like other furniture, are based on the idea of quantity, which is not at all updated to our contemporary...

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Technology by Sevesglassblock

High thermal insulation capacity for vertical surfaces

06/12/2016 - The Technology Line contains a specific range of glass blocks suitable for vertical applications with a certified high thermal insulation capacity.   A double air chamber inside the glass blocks ensures high levels of resistance to heat transmission.   The parameter that measures the heat insulation capacity is the unit heat transmittance “U”. Thanks to these glass blocks it is possible to combine energy saving and safety requirements with the elegance of SEVESGLASSBLOCK walls. Seves S.p.A. Divisione Glassblock on ARCHIPRODUCTS...

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Contemporary mood for natural wood

Tokyo and Sidney30 by Ghizzi & Benatti

06/12/2016 - With the new doors TOKYO and SIDNEY30 GHIZZI & BENATTI draw a new line between design and material mixing up contemporary style with inimitable real natural wood, indispensable value for the world famous Italian manufacturer.   Door panel TOKYO made in real Canaletto is worked with asymmetrical design and the fishbone has an unexpected corner, while SIDNEY30 has a double glass inserts flush inside / outside offering a delicate transition of light.   To enhance the beauty of Canaletto is the new finishing 'wax effect' softer and much satin than standard transparent coating, so the real wood becomes an aesthetic and tactile unparalleled.   As...

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Chill out in the snow with Vondom

The collection at Riba Escorxada in Andorra

06/11/2016 - The Riba Escorxada terrace is located in one of the most dynamic areas in the Grandvalira ski resort, where nightlife takes place in Andorra.  VONDOM has been in charge of designing and furnishing the terrace Riba Escorxada, creating different environments with their collections Pillow, Moma, Solid and Kes. The perfect place to end a good day of skiing with a glass of cava.    El Tarter ski is one of the resort’s more dynamic sectors and was designed with the most extreme winter sports in mind. Here you’ll find the Snowpark El Tarter, which has the longest line of modules in the Pyrenees, and one of the longest in Europe. On top of that, the year,...

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InteriHOTEL: Spain’s largest showcase specializing in hotel interior design

The results of the 2016 edition

06/12/2016 - InteriHOTEL ended successfully: in total, more than 3000 people have visited the marketplace during the three days of the event to see its wide showroom, its IH Talks — or specialized talks — and the networking sessions with the purpose of establishing contacts and know the last tendencies and innovations in the contract world.   The results of this just finished edition of InteriHOTEL reaffirm its position as the landmark event in southern Europe specialized in hotel interiors. The event, that takes place annually in Barcelona, has been held one more year in the CCIB (Centro de Convenciones Internacional de Barcelona) for three days —from 23 to the 25th...

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Beau & Bien @ EquipHotel 2016

Rainy Day, Wersailles and Smoon Birdie Light on show

06/12/2016 - The collections Rainy Day, Wersailles and Smoon Birdie Light by Beau & Bien, designed by Sylvie Maréchal, were part of the last edition of EquipHotel exhibition in Paris.   These inimitable and bespoke lusters have been chosen by the studio MHNA to illuminate the “Resto des Chefs”. If you have a project, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to work with you. Beau & Bien on Archiproducts.com...

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Fluvia. Playing with light

Presented at Architect@Work Milano Slim System, Point and Arch collections

05/12/2016 - The young company FLUVIA is set to make its debut in Italy at Architect@Work, the very successful professional event for architects and interior designers. In Milan, the lighting company will present its current Slim System, Point and Arch collections of lights.   Architect@Work will be held in Milan on 23 and 24 November 2016. Fluvia has selected Estudi Antoni Arola to design a space concept for the iconic corner unit of ARCHITECT@WORK, where attendees will be able to discover, play and imagine with Fluvia’s Slim System, Point and Arch luminaires.   Slim System A Josep Lluscà design for Fluvia. Suspended system of general flexible lighting....

Caesar in Stuttgart

December 7th and 8th the last event of 2016 with Architect@Work

05/12/2016 - After the series of travelling events dedicated to architecture, held during the year in the main European capital cities for designers and specifiers interested in the latest trends, Architect@Work will be closing its 2016 calendar on December 7th and 8th at the Messe Stuttgart in Stuttgart.   Ceramiche Caesar has played a leading role during the event and once again it will be presenting the aesthetic quality, functionality and innovation of its porcelain stoneware tiles at Stand 40.   Amongst the collections, Aextra20, monolithic porcelain stoneware slabs that are perfectly wedged and rectified, with a thickness of 20 mm, especially designed for original and...

Glamora + Marco Piva

Drone. Wallcoverings tells the environment seen from above

02/12/2016 - Wallcoverings are increasingly at the centre of contemporary interior design. Thanks to digital technology and the development of materials, this solution allows designers to explore practically unlimited visual solutions and create settings that are unique every time, with the utmost ease.   From the collaboration of Glamora and Marco Piva comes Drone: a collection that explores the potential of wallcoverings, not merely as decoration but as a powerful narrative element in spaces. Images from the natural or anthropised environment seen from above as from a hot-air balloon or Google Maps and further analysed, broken down and transformed into original graphical motifs, with...

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Maze of Quotes by Toiletpaper

A project conceived with Gufram and Seletti at Art Basel Miami

02/12/2016 - TOILETPAPER presents Maze of Quotes, a site-specific project conceived for the Fondation Beyeler at Art Basel in Miami Beach from December 1–4, 2016.   Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, in collaboration with the Italian design brands Gufram and Seletti, transformed the Fondation Beyeler’s entire exhibition space into three distinct settings. Elaborately wallpapered and fully furnished, Maze of Quotes presents a lavish, fantastical environment of consumerism and sexuality, from chandeliers and toilets to gold drapes and tin pots.   The creative genius of Cattelan and Ferrari has found in Gufram an outstanding partner to produce unconventional...

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Lens and Lenses. Deep blue

Tonelli side tables designed by Paolo Grasselli

02/12/2016 - Colour, technique, craftsmanship, interlocks, thickness and minimalism. These are the distinctive features of Tonelli design’s 2016 collection, including the side tables Lens and Lenses designed by Paolo Grasselli.   The structure of Lens is composed by two circular shelves of different heights which rest on a solid glass cylinder, glued both on the base and on the top. The finishes are available in multiple types: transparent, satin, smoked or in shades of blue.   Lenses consists of one more element compared to Lens and, giving up the base, it rest on three cylindrical legs that support the semi-transparent colored glass shelves. These small and...

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65 years of light

Martinelli Luce event to talk about design, architecture and culture in Lucca

02/12/2016 - 65 years of light is the event promoted by Martinelli Luce that 3 December will be held in Lucca, an occasion to explore the intersections between design and culture, crossing the story of a company that made the history of lighting design. The event - presented at the headquarters of Confindustria Toscana Nord, in Piazza Bernardini 41, Lucca - will be a meeting that will give space to designers and industry experts, creating a moment of debate about the transformation of the contemporary world of design and architecture. The meeting – moderate by Roberta Busnelli editorial director IQD - will be introduced by Cristina Galeotti Vice President Confindustria Toscana...

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