Light like a butterfly, extending like a folding screen

Origami, the new Tubes project designed by Alberto Meda

29/04/2016 - “The idea stems from the desire to create an object with a simple, fluid shape. A sort of screen that can be folded back, like a folding screen. I like thinking of objects which are essential but conceal a perfected technological complexity. Today, we need to surround ourselves with friendly elements, with a clear image yet with a dynamic behaviour”. Alberto Meda   Light and free like a butterfly, extending and folding like a folding screen, enveloping and cosy like an embrace, capable of producing heat for any room thanks to a significant yet discrete presence. This is Origami, designed by Alberto Meda, a high efficiency electric plug & play radiator...

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Cristalplant Design Contest 2016

'Sipàrio' by Ellen Bernhardt is the winning project

29/04/2016 - “Sipàrio” by Ellen Bernhardt is the winning project of the eighth edition of the Cristalplant® Design Contest, which this year has been promoted in collaboration with Elica, world leader in the design and manufacture of home cooker hoods. “Skyline” by Simone Bonanni and Attila Veress and “Salt and Pepper” by Francesco Meneghello and Davide Lanfranco were assigned the jury’s honourable mention. The awards ceremony took place on Thursday, 14th April 2016 during the Milan Design Week, at the strategic location of Via Solferino 11, in the very heart of the Brera Design District.   Ellen Bernhardt, a young German-born designer,...

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Valet Collection by David Rockwel for Stellar Works

Full-grain saddle leather, American walnut, black steel and brushed brass

29/04/2016 - Stellar Works announced its first collaboration with David Rockwell and his award-winning firm Rockwell Group, Valet by David Rockwell. For Valet, David Rockwell explores a new furniture typology that supports everyday living, working, and entertaining.   With tactile and refined materials and details, including full-grain saddle leather, American walnut, black steel, and brushed brass, each piece redefines the essentials of modern living and fits seamlessly into home or hospitality environments. “The concept for Valet grew out of our needs as designers,” said David Rockwell, Founder and President, Rockwell Group. “The collection merges expressive...

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Barber&Osgerby. Experimenting with geometry

Puzzle and Mistral for Mutina. Endless combinations

28/04/2016 - Experimenting with geometry, colour, patterns and versatility of use, form the inspiration behind the new Puzzle and Mistral tile collections designed for Mutina by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.   Both collections have been designed to be used indoors and outdoors and allow the user to create their own unique domestic space due to the adaptable nature of the geometric design, patterns and colours. The possibilities and combinations are endless.   Puzzle “The Puzzle collection is a game with infinite outcomes. The simple geometric shapes become softer and more fluid as the puzzle grows, allowing patterns to ebb and flow. Objects emerge like...

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Cedar like black marble. Riva as told by Bellini

A process of carbonization inspired by an antique Japanese technique

28/04/2016 - Riva 1920 surprises Mario Bellini with a new, custom made black anthracite version of the Kono cedar stool. “I was surprised by this extraordinary effect which made this object precious, as if it were black marble”. It’s the new Vulcano finish, obtained through a process of carbonization inspired by an antique Japanese technique. This new effect is the result of the research conducted by Riva 1920’s Research and Development Center which experiments with artisanal processes, utilizing as many natural and organic substances as possible.   While conversing among Riva 1920’s icons on show at the Saloni, Mario Bellini talks about his collaboration...

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Genius Loci. The place for customization

Valcucine project designed by Gabriele Centazzo

28/04/2016 - Just like old secretaries, Genius Loci conceals a secret and intimate space in a drawer that goes beyond the functional. Genius Loci is the heart of customisation and available in various finishes. It offers a timeless aesthetic and hand-crafted workmanship that reflects the taste of those who purchase it. The result is sophisticated and refined.   The new interior accessories for Valcucine drawers are modular and functional to adapt to the daily requirements of the users while keeping everything tidy and within reach. The Genius Loci drawer is available in two versions. One is angled and slightly outward at the bottom, creating a handle and reflecting light in such...

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Front. A feminine project

Draped Chair, the new Porro armchair

28/04/2016 - After its 90th anniversary celebrations, Porro keeps travelling with new awareness along its original path through the world of design: modelling systems and furniture with a highly selected mix of finishings, clean outlines and flawless details, sewn like a made-to-measure dress.   The concept of freedom denotes the dining room Draped Chair from the Swedish Front designers, the duo of Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvisk who for 8 years have been the confirmed spokeswomen of Porro style.   Fabric softly resting on a bucket seat with a wooden base rises up with graceful folds to delineate the armrests and the back, rendered unusual by a light asymmetry,...

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REMO Plastic Chair by Konstantin Grcic

A shell, twelve colours

28/04/2016 - The chair is an absolutely pivotal element, and not only for Plank, but also for the story of design.   „If we were to tell the story of design by choosing just one product type, we could do it with chairs. To my mind the chair is absolutely the most “expressive” furniture type. This is due to its capacity to embody a whole culture, showing how people live, or used to live; their customs and habits, dreams and, naturally, also the degree of technological development of a society.“ Konstantin Grcic   And it is precisely the story of this fragment of ourselves, clearly combined with the latest production technologies, that intrigues...

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Life should be comfortable

New Cane-line Elements collection

27/04/2016 - Life should be comfortable. And with their promise ‘Life Made Comfortable’, Cane-line is now taking the next step into creating an extra dimension that goes beyond comfortable furniture. Because in the comfortable lies also the freedom to create, and to be creative in one’s decorating – both indoor and outdoor.   The new Cane-line ‘ELEMENTS’ is for the person, who wants to decorate with a personal touch. It is individual products to the person, who wants to choose, mix and match and create a unique expression in their home, whether inside or outside. With ‘ELEMENTS’ Cane-line has created a line of products, which each give you...

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Bringing tomorrow into your today

PROOFF brings you Virtual Reality at Clerkenwell Design Week

29/04/2016 - Right at the heart of Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 PROOFF will bring tomorrow into your today with Virtual Reality (VR). Through a visionary and immersive set-up - and in collaboration with leading architectural design practice UNStudio - PROOFF will fuse the VR world of workspace design with the physical experience of its furniture concepts.   For 10 years now PROOFF has been an early-mover in the world of innovative spatial furniture design and we continue to push the boundaries with thought provoking views on the future of workspaces. This time we investigate a combination of the physical with innovative and disruptive VR technology. PROOFF embraces technological breakthroughs,...

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Lissoni. Materials ‘dress’ a bespoke kitchen

Code, the new, totally customized product by Piero Lissoni for Boffi Kitchen

28/04/2016 - It’s not a series, but rather a tailor-made program which dresses each unique model, offering an unlimited array of materials, finishes, and containers. This is Code, the new, totally customized product by Piero Lissoni for Boffi Kitchen.   Presented for the first time in the via Solferino, 11 showroom during Milano Design Week, the new kitchen project by Boffi is proof of a journey which leans continuously towards carpentry using a wide variety of materials and fine woods: antique fossil woods, marbles, steels, resins and stones reconfigured to create the latest generation of surfaces, monoliths worked into finishes, new panellings, and induction hobs which go...

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Lines. Kensaku Oshiro + De Padova

The Sen table collection presented at the 2016 Saloni

28/04/2016 - After having the first, you want them all. For the first collaboration with De Padova, designer Kensaku Oshiro designed a collection of tables called Sen, from the Japanese term for “lines”.   “For this project, I imagined a top which floats upon very thin legs. To define the leg, I worked on a graphic approach which was also structural, so as to create a play of vertical and horizontal lines.'   The versatility of these tables comes not only from the clear and geometric aesthetic and variety of sizes and heights, but from the array of surface finishes: marble, oak, and even a nanotechnology treatment called “soft touch”...

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Vasilev + Desalto. An all-oriental inspiration

Luxuriant freedom, essential forms: IKE Collection

28/04/2016 - The new Desalto proposals for 2016 edition of Salone del Mobile in Milan are oriented both for home and contract world. One of the stars of this year’s show is the IKE collection which stems from an all-oriental inspiration: Ike, in fact, stands for Ikebana. Fascinated by the ancient art of the Japanese masters, the designer Victor Vasilev has created a stool which reintroduces an interesting contrast—typical of this technique—between the luxuriant freedom of nature and the essential and rigourous forms in which it is contained.   The support of the Ike stool is a steel plate topped by a simple and rational base, from which round section profi...

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The intangible bookcase by Jean-Marie Massaud

Lloyd bookcase and storage units, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poltrona Frau

28/04/2016 - Jean-Marie Massaud has designed Lloyd, a system of storage units and bookcases, with variable geometries for Poltrona Frau. A series of thin vertical wooden rods form light grids that run from top to bottom on invisible horizontal rails. Each grid can be moved as desired creating different sequences each time. A fluctuating score of solids and voids, of light and shade. A playful game that allows a glimpse of the contents, books and objects, without fully revealing them.    The most advanced technology is combined with traditional materials, wood and saddle leather, forming a solid and minimalistic structure. The effect is almost intangible,...

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Sol+Luna by Extremis. Day bed & night sofa

The optional sun shade changes into a full moon every night

28/04/2016 - Sunbathe during the day, lounge with friends by night. Take it easy in Extremis brand new Sol+Luna sun bed, which transforms into a comfortable sofa at sunset. The optional sun shade changes into a full moon every night…   Just imagine: a lazy day in the sun, a siesta or a relaxing break with a book. In the evening, your best friends drop by unexpectedly as the sun is going down. Great company, tapas and a mojito with mint from the garden… what more could you dream of? Extremis has come up with the ideal ‘tool’ to make this happen. Sol+Luna is a two in one piece: furniture that has a function by day and by night. The perfect way to make optimal use...

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Bover brings its interpretation of light in NYC

The collection at ICFF 2016

28/04/2016 - Bover brings its interpretation of light in NYC during ICFF 2016, North America’s platform for global design. Javits Convention Center, May 14-17, 2016. Here is some new products which will be presented to American audiences. Barcelona is the home for Bover and inspiration for much of our lighting. BCN is the code used as shorthand for our city and has given the name to this fixture. In addition to the brilliant lacquered version of BCN we have increased this family to include a discreet, but sophisticated sconce fusing LED technology with our hand wrapped ribbon with top and lower diffuser in polycarbonate.   BCN creates a contemporary but timeless...

Lapalma. Tasting rooms

Comfortable, elegant, sartorial collections presented in Milan

27/02/2016 - 'Tasting rooms” is the motto chosen by Lapalma for the Milan Furniture Fair of 2016 to underline once again its focus on the contract market with a wink and a nod to foodservice. Taste is the fil rouge between comfortable, elegant, sartorial collections as well as unique products, awarded with prestigious international prizes.   As a major player in the field of interior design for both the home and the contract market, lapalma is exhibiting interesting news continuing along the same path as in the last few years with coherence. Tailor-inspired work, quality-handcraft mixed with high-level industrial technology, perfect harmony between international language...

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HI-MACS®: Past, Present and Future

Solid surface on show at Milan Design Week

27/04/2016 - This year, HI‑MACS® was everywhere in Milan, a real common denominator for all the pieces in the huge puzzle of the International Furniture Exhibition.   Tables, counters, chairs, but also hoods and kitchens: inside and outside the fair, HI‑MACS® solid surface material once again confirmed its leading position in the world of technical material and brought back into the spotlight its greatest feature, versatility, now making it the ideal medium for designers and interior architects, as well as businesses and interior designers.   Between the past... The exhibition Collaboration Elements, a chronological journey through different styles and technologies...

#HI-MACS#Salone Mobile#Fuorisalone#Milano Design Week
Lanzavecchia + Wai x Journey East = PLAYplay

Expression of playfulness with a touch of eccentricity

27/04/2016 - When design understands the territory and bonds with its inhabitants’ habits and customs, that’s when authentic projects that combine functionality and aesthetics come to life. PLAYplay is a collection designed by Lanzavecchia + Wai for Journey East. Expressive furnishings that communicate the colours and culture of South East Asia as a result of the in-depth research carried out by the two designers and captured in Davide Farabegoli’s photography.   The collection, presented for the first time in Italy and Europe, is the result of their great attention to proportions and multifunctionality to meet the requirements of modern living. It’s the expression...

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Kinetura presents new cutting-edge metamorphic luminaires

Shanghai, Kanto, Napoli, Casablanca

27/04/2016 - Kinetura is a Belgian design and production studio that creates cutting-edge metamorphic lighting objects with a patented concept, combining light modulation with physical transformation.   Kinetura presents 4 new metamorphic lighting objects called ‘Shanghai’, ‘Kanto’, ‘Napoli’ and ‘Casablanca’. After a successful introduction of the first 4 metamorphic lighting items in Euroluce Milan in 2015, Kinetura now expands its collection with 4 technical, architectural and decorative lighting applications.   These 4 new lighting objects reinforce Kinetura’s vision that adding an interactive and transformative...