A cheerful crew of wooden creatures

LZF presents its own Funny Farm

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A cheerful crew of wooden creatures
21/05/2015 - LZF at this year’s Euroluce presented - in a stunning space - the result of some great fun and a lot of hard work. Not only objects that light up, but objects that are fun and also illuminating.

LZF introduces a new element to their catalogue, the wood figurine, a wonderfully playful collection of funky fauna, called Funny Farm by Isidro FerrerEach figurine is a delightful caricature of a different animal that together form a veritable “animal farm” of madness. 

Funny Farm is a project which arises from LZF's admiration for Isidro Ferrer, a very talented designer who has been awarded with the National Design Award, the most prestigious prize awarded in Spain to a designer for his career achievement.

LZF had already worked with Isidro Ferrer in 2008 for the design of LZF logo, and they knew that wanted to work with him again. They called him one day and proposed to develop something for LZF. When LZF said something, they meant exactly that: something, without briefings, without conditions, with absolute freedom. He accepted and began to brainstorm ideas and study their products.
LZF, Funny Farm - Isidro Ferrer

LZF, Funny Farm - Isidro Ferrer

“…On the one hand, I knew right away that I would use wood and that the richness of the colours of LZF’s lamps would be present in the project. On the other hand, I was looking to develop something unique and original, something completely different from what LZF had been doing until then. I began to experiment with the shape and the look of their lamps, and began to play with small wooden pieces inspired by the morphology of their products. My experiments led me to a peculiar, funny family made up of nineteen wooden animals, including, among others, monkeys, a fish with legs, elephants and rabbits. That was when knew I had created the Funny Farm”

Lzf Life size is another collection of animals on a large scale, and presented as light sculptures for both contract and public spaces. Life size is an example of collaboration with friends from different professional backgrounds who together, create something fresh and new for the world of illumination. 

Fish, by Isidro Ferrer & LZF Lab
Fish is modelled on one of the original pieces by Isidro Ferrer, a friendly fish with legs which has become one of the first large-scale light sculptures within the Funny Farm project. Developing the piece was a real challenge, both technically and from the point of view of the design.
Fish, by Isidro Ferrer & LZF Lab

Fish, by Isidro Ferrer & LZF Lab

The external structure of Fish, made from poplar and elm wood by Manolo Martin, was built using the traditional Valencian “vareta” technique, which consists of creating 3D structures through the use of wood strips treated with water. The inside holds 24 balls of light; hand blown glass spheres of various sizes handcrafted in Granada, placed at different heights inside the fixture. The carefully studied layout produces a captivating effect, as if a small universe of luminous orbs lived inside Fish.
What is the ideal habitat for Fish? Lobbies, relax areas, zoos and children’s hospitals are all spaces Fish and its Funny Farm friends could dwell in. Where do you imagine yours to be? Fish could be where ever you imagine it to be.

Elephant, by Isidro Ferrer & LZF Lab
Elephant is the other Funny Farm animal LZF chose to convert into a light sculpture. Like all elephants, it has big ears, a trunk, even its own legs, and a body standing more than a meter and a half tall. To turn Isidro Ferrer’s vision into a large-scale lamp, LZF has again drawn on the experience of the craftsman Manolo Martin.
ELEPHANT, by Isidro Ferrer & LZF Lab

ELEPHANT, by Isidro Ferrer & LZF Lab

Just as he did with Fish, Manolo used the “vareta” technique to shape the three spheres which constitute the body and the head of Elephant. Its luminous heart, at the centre of the sculpture, is diffused through a natural wood veneer internal lining.

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LZF, Funny Farm

LZF, Funny Farm

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