'A Life Extraordinary'

MOOOI showcases a universe of mystical worlds inspired by the extraordinary diversity of life

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'A Life Extraordinary'
11/04/2018 - “We searched for museums around the world and found the most incredible drawings of bygone animals, documented by explorers on their travels. We were able to borrow them for our “Museum of Extinct Animals”. So much of what has lived is lost and can only live in our memories and imagination. For Moooi the “Museum of Extinct Animals” became an inspiration. We want to share our excitement, wonder and love, and try humbly, against our better judgement, to hold on to what is lost and celebrate it coming back alive again." Marcel Wanders

This year Moooi travels to Milan on a timeless adventure, offering everybody the chance to explore the extraordinary diversity of beauty in all its forms. Moooi has developed original and inspiring new ways of presenting its many creations at via Savona 56 during the Salone del Mobile. It reveals a three-dimensional world to be discovered and treasured by curious day-to-day wanderers. Emphasizing the endless possibilities, this years’ presentation consists of three exhibitions; Moooi Through the Eyes of Megan Grehl, Moooi Through the Eyes of Concrete & The Museum of Extinct Animals.

Moooi Through the Eyes of… 
Given the complete freedom to design a Moooi environment through their eyes, Megan Grehl, interior design practice (New York) and Concrete Architectural Associates (Amsterdam) welcome you into two diverse worlds. They reflect their own unique design philosophy and aesthetics using Moooi products in an exciting new way.

The Museum of Extinct Animals
Time-travel through the museum corridor while admiring 10 magnificent drawings of extinct animals! Unique drawings of forgotten species were made available by museums and archives from all over the world. Inspired by these magnificent extinct animal drawings, the team created designs for surfaces: a new collection of fabrics, leathers, wallcovering and carpets that bring the extinct animal back to life!

Spot the tallest car at via Savona! 
Can you spot the tall car parked right in front of Moooi’s presentation at via Savona 56, standing proud? It is a life-sized Turbo Table High by Maarten Baas. Jump in!

Moooi Wallcovering 
Moooi fully shapes a three-dimensional world of creative luxury with the creation of Moooi Wallcovering! Inspired by each other, Moooi and Arte achieve the highest standards of quality with the introduction of the Extinct Animal Wallcovering. The new wallcovering collection adds a new dimension to Moooi’s eclectic collections.

Miniature Icons 
In collaboration with OTHR Moooi presents a unique collection of 3D printed miniatures of some iconic Moooi designs, made of rich and refined materials. All designs were given a new purpose, like candleholders and graceful accessories.

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