Exedra. The Luxury Stones

Cotto d'Este presents new Rain Grey finishes

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Exedra. The Luxury Stones
13/09/2017 - Cotto d'Este presents at Cersaie a new finishes of Exedra collection. Result of the passion for marble and of scrupulous research conducted within the most renowned quarries of the world, the Exedra series offers a selection of eight types of marble recaptured on porcelain stoneware. These marbles are manufactured using the innovative glaze jet technology. Their distinctive feature is the absolutely faithful reproduction of the original stone. An extensive range of patterns makes it virtually impossible to find two identical pieces. The Exedra series is enriched with the brand new Rain Gray color available in 14 mm in sizes 90x90cm and 60x120cm and Rain Grey in Kerlite5plus with thickness 5,5 mm in large sizes 50x100 / 100x100 / 100x300 and in size 100x250 cm with surface Glossy.
Two are the available surface finishes: Silk and Glossy.

Particular it is the finish Glossy, that returns in everything of his/her shine the shiny reflex of the marmoreal surfaces smoothed to mirror.
Besides being beautiful and extraordinarily resistant, the serious EXEDRA belongs to the line PROTECT, surfaces projected antibatteriche with the technology Microban®, developed by the world leader of sector. A true shield incorporated antibacterial in the ceramic product, that eliminates up to the 99,9% of the bacterias from the surface. The result is constantly a protected surface, with tall hygienic performances, unalterable from usury and from the climatic conditions.
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Exedra. The Luxury Stones

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