Fabric, steel and wood for beds and clothes-hangers

Textile tradition now renewed with Twils collections: Frame, Open Air and Natural

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Fabric, steel and wood for beds and clothes-hangers
06/05/2015 - Twils proudly presents a new, complete and harmonious lifestyle offering. The collections prove how the company has expanded the scope of its manufacturing skills to fully embrace the living area which, flanking Twils’ traditional area of specialization – the bedroom, completes the furnishing offer for the entire home.
Twils is bringing important innovations in bedroom design – the area that has made its name and reputation – to the 2015 Salone.
There are new projects by new designers such as Meneghello&Paolelli Associati, that created the first-ever wooden headboard in the Twils family, and “Open Air” that features a unique way of using fabrics. Monica Graffeo has also signed her first collection for Twils, the “Frame” system and transforming concept that comprises a bed with an equipped headboard and items that can define spaces and organize functions for different times of the day.

FRAME BED SYSTEM - Design Monica Graffeo
Created to meet today’s new needs, such as being able to use the same space for various purposes during different times of day, the FRAME bed system is based on the separation of spaces and organization of functions: the headboard becomes a small, fitted structure that separates the areas and also serves as a clothes-hanger, bookcase and hold-all.
Monica Graffeo © Archiproducts.com

Monica Graffeo © Archiproducts.com

Constructed with a lightweight lacquered metal framework, the front part facing the bed is a padded backrest, while the back is fitted with a hanger rod and wooden shelf. The sofa version with the clothes hanger-back that converts into a bed for the night, can also be used as a divider for the foyer, or as a bookcase for the living area. Frame is the first collection Monica Graffeo has designed for Twils.
Meneghello&Paolelli Associati © Archiproducts.com

Meneghello&Paolelli Associati © Archiproducts.com

OPEN AIR - Design Meneghello Paolelli Associati
The name Open Air expresses the project concept that is played out in balancing contrasting components and meanings: full and empty generated by the structure’s intersecting parts, or the structural rigidity of the headboard offset by the soft fabric upholstery.
© Twils

© Twils

The supporting structure, in fact, is covered with fabric held in place by decorative buttons. The headboard is soft, and embraces the bed with “the sleepers”. With its lightweight and highly decorative headboard, Open Air presents an innovative take on the “standard” upholstered bed.
NATURAL - Design Meneghello Paolelli Associati
Strong references to outdoor icons, weaves and natural decorations come together in the first “wooden headboard” made and presented by Twils. Natural embodies the textures of the headboard’s supporting structure created with a double twist of branches interwoven with the vertical post.
© Twils

© Twils

The decorative element in Natural consists of a two-dimensional graphic motif that acquires texture and three-dimensions thanks to the structure. The result is a light headboard with a marked decorative accent that adds a strong distinctive, textured and rational note to the bedroom. The interplay of full and empty spaces, the warmth of natural wood, the multi-level weave of the headboard and the semi-embracing shape make Natural a cocoon-bed that is as pleasing to touch as it is to see. Open Air and Natural are Meneghello Paolelli Associati’s debut collections for Twils.

More and more, the home is an expression of our identity, the place to hold our dreams and lives in a warm embrace. A home that opens its doors to what is new, to friends and also offers intimacy for contemplation while sharing spaces at the same time.
Years of experience in making upholstered sartorial beds, and years of craft and manufacturing skill come together in the Home Collection showcased at this 2015 Salone del Mobile. It is a collection featuring new designs and new modes of expression for the home.  

The living area system that made its debut in 2013 -  Set program by Studio Viganò – now features new and important items. 
Today the living area is truly multifaceted. In addition to the vast range of possibilities offered by the Set program, with shelving and other new components, the living room has grown to include new items from the upholstered “Charme” family by Studio Thesia Progetti to the “SP2802” collection by Silvia Prevedello.  

For more information abut Twils collection, click here

© Twils

© Twils

© Twils

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