LUCTRA® by DURABLE for the first time at Light + Building

New portable lamp LUCTRA® FLEX, biologically effective lighting solution for office or home

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LUCTRA® by DURABLE for the first time at Light + Building
02/03/2016 - The right light at the right time increases the feeling of well-being and performance capability. LUCTRA® by DURABLE integrates this fact into everyday life using LED workplace lamps.

LUCTRA® is exhibiting for the first time at Light & Building, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology. In Hall 1.2 at Stand D40, LUCTRA® is displaying the entire lamp range, and providing information and advice on the topic of Human Centric Lighting. LUCTRA® FLEX


From 13-18 March, the manufacturer of the professional biologically effective LED lighting system will for the first time be exhibiting the new lamp model LUCTRA® FLEX, the cordless, biologically effective lighting solution for mobile working in the office or at home.

FLEX is the cordless lamp with biologically effective lighting for mobile working in the office or at home. Four high-performance cool and white warm CREE LEDs with light intensity up to 1,000 lux, very even light distribution, and an extremely wide colour spectrum between 2,700 and 6,500 kelvin deliver light that approaches daylight in quality. The colour and brightness can always be adjusted for your personal comfort so you can concentrate better and work more productively without becoming fatigued. With a long-lasting battery, FLEX provides complete freedom to work anywhere without compromising on the quality of light.

The lamp head can be rotated 180° for direct or indirect lighting. The rubberised protective sleeve is height adjustable for stable and secure hold in all positions. Just like the well established LUCTRA® table and floor lamps, LUCTRA® FLEX is equipped with intuitive VITACORE® electronic technology for personalized adjustment of the brightness and colour of the light. With a height of 136 cm, the cordless workplace lamp weighs a manageable 2 kg. The new model in the product line is available in orange, aluminium, black and white. LUCTRA® FLEX


Already receiving awards
LUCTRA® FLEX has already received awards for its innovative functionality and modern minimalist design. It was awarded the ICONIC Award by the German Design Council in November.

Light essentially acts as a clock that ensures that we sleep well and feel rested during the day and ready to perform. But In our modern world, we rarely go outside and spend too little time exposed to natural daylight. And without light and the timing it provides, our internal clock gets out of order. Fatigue, listlessness and sometimes even depression can be the consequence. Even seemingly brightly lit interiors are often dark from a biological point of view and are not able to regulate our internal clock. Biologically effective artificial light can remedy this deficiency and stabilise our biorhythms. Systematic changes in the colour of light during the day enhance our well-being and consequently improve our performance and are also proven to reduce missed days at the workplace.LUCTRA® FLEX




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