Minimalux. A new modern luxury

The debut at Maison&Objet in Paris

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Minimalux. A new modern luxury
12/09/2017- Minimalux debuted at Maison&Objet in Paris. Within an installation consisting of immersive, ‘larger than life’ graphics, Minimalux presented world launches of many new products as well as a full display of its existing collection.

Timeless is a watch with no time. An item of wristwear that embraces dif­ferent definitions of the word watch and it’s relationship to both time and reflection.

At first glance it displays all the formal and materi­al credentials of a classic, high-end wristwatch. On closer inspection there are no hands and the face is blank other than a disk of crystal clear mirror glass. Use it to view your reflection, check your make-up or angle your wrist to secretly scan the room. For the stylish cy­clists out there it also functions as a useful wing mirror. Timeless is for the practical minded as well as the vain and voyeuristic. There are no hours and minutes but there is time nonetheless... time to watch.

The simply entitled ‘Clock’ tells the time whilst also displaying special and se­ductive formal qualities that are akin to a work of sculpture.

Hours, min­utes and seconds hands are sank into a curved pool of highly polished sol­id aluminium. Reflections are turned askew and the world is turned upside down to create a visual experience that could best be described as a time-warp. Powered by a high quality quartz movement, Clock can be hung on a wall or placed on a table via a discreet hidden base contained within the rim.

A solid brass sphere and two circles of mirror glass combine to create this magical double sid­ed mirror.

The glass itself has an ultra thin profile with exposed, polished edges and is housed in a slot, sliced deep into the cen­tre of the brass base. Despite its spherical form the base remains firm and rooted to a surface yet will turn gracefully on its axis if you wish. O-mirror is incredibly simple yet completely mesmerising.

A triangle that tapers seamlessly into the candle stem and a sphere that defies its form and remains static; refusing to roll over.

Made from solid ma­chined aluminium and hand polished to a mirror finish, they are reso­lutely ‘minimalux’ with their graphic outlines and lustrous finishing. Sold individually, A & O are designed to complement each other and can be used as singles or multiples. The choice is yours to mix or match the shapes. Available now from and selected stores.

Stem is a character­ful table lamp that displays different moods depending on how you place it.

A hand blown opal glass globe with a circular opening is supported by a stem of solid brass tube. The opening exposes a greater radiance of light enabling you to angle it for tasks or position it for a more uniform glow.

Rota is a table and floor lamp made from multiple layers of concen­tric white aluminium discs, each separated by solid brass connecting pillars and a frosted acrylic diffuser.

Varying disc diameters com­bine to form this oval luminaire, creating a magical and diverse range of lighting effects that alter depending on the angle viewed. An in­line dimmer switch gives full control over the brightness and mood.

Minimalux has been created to accessorise your world with ultra simple, exquisitely made products for you to use, wear, cherish and nurture. Their mission is to provide a new modern luxury that is both special and understated. It can be best described in the name itself minimalux.
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