Q, an openminded Durstone project at Cersaie 2012

Introduce three new collections

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Q, an openminded Durstone project at Cersaie 2012

21/09/2012 - Durstone is a well known company for its consolidation in the design and comerce of first quality wall and floor porcelanic tiles with a high eshtetic component. For the celabration of the international exhibition Cersaie 2012 , Durstone culminates the birth of their biggest creative goal, the launch of a brand that aims to offer unusual and precious products, we write about Q . The ambitious brand management, imaging and photography is under the direction of VXlab Ceramic Products Marketing, brand consultants and designers specializing in the ceramic industry.

The most important fact that makes Q a unique range of products , is the craft process which characterizes a part of the manufacturing process. Q is a brand designed to meet the needs of big design consumers, offering a range of products with high decorative qualities, and having in mind the standard technical requirements. Factors that the design community determines as fundamental, and that make Q products become the whim of the most demanding interior designers and architects.

At Cersaie 2012, three collections will compose the premier presentation:

CMNT Collection

“CMNT brings out a new concept of cement. We discovered a material that, despite maintaining its industrial esthetic, presents new uses and design possibilities. A basic palette of soft colors in the usual grey cement, joins a wonderful veriety of bright, happy and totally desirable colors. Technically, CMNT collections are high perfonmance concrete tiles (HPC), composed of natural mineral products (free of contaminants and resins). Can be used as floor or wall, indoor or outdoor, pools, public or private spaces and for all types of special projects with high standards of design and decoration.” CMNT is available in two modular sizes 60x60cm and 29,7x60cm, 5 basic colors + 10 fantasy colors. In addition, special pieces required for terminations are available.

MODS Collection
“Original, elegant, exclusive... are some of the concepts applied to this basic colors collection. MODS combines the craftsmanship, that provides a natural beauty, with a vanguard look. Beyond tradition arises this proposal, where a palette of colors, unusual in this kind of products, opens many new decorative ways” MODS is presented in a modular format 6,5x20cm, a 8 color range dividided in 4 cold and 4 warm colors, and two matching decorative designs in 20x60cm format. In addition, special pieces required for terminations are available.

“Bright and fresh, like the sea inspiring its name, Mediterranea pieces catch the attentions of those who observe. The crackle effect, obtained by traditional special glazes, multiplies the reflections on the surface creating a beautiful flashing game. A collection with bohemian and adventurous spirit, its two formats provide huge combination possibilities. The traditional look of the pieces together with a palette of vibrant colors invites to play, and brings a bohemian, bright and vital look to interior spaces.” MEDITERRANEA is presented in two modular sizes 6,5x20cm y 20x20cm, 9 natural colors matched by shade intensity, and three decoration designs thar offer a countless variety of styles. In addition, special pieces required for terminations are available.

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