The Birds Collection by Sits

Technology and beauty inspired by nature

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The Birds Collection by Sits
12/09/2017- Birds evoke our envy and admiration. We envy them the freedom they experience because they can fly. And we admire the perfect design of the nature that they are. Those emotions underlie creation of the Birds Collection - four unique armchairs introduced into the SITS range in 2017. Softbird, Lovebird, Blackbird, Mybird

Softbird, Lovebird, Blackbird, Mybird

BIRDS armchairs owe their beautiful forms and exceptional comfort to the latest technological achievements. Most obvious to the user is their structure - of course, inspired by nature - forming an external support of the armchair backrest and seat. Its ideal shape, texture and strength were achieved due to innovations in production of materials which are now revolutionising the world of design. Lovebird


Just one look at BIRDS armchairs is enough to see the respect with which their designers from the Swedish design agency ZWEED treat the space. Each of the models in this collection not only does not occupy it visually, but due to its ideal proportion even seems to add to it. Blackbird


Each armchair in this line was endowed by its designers as abundantly as birds were by the nature. Rounded lines. Ideal proportions. Slim shapes. What more can you want! Mybird


Softbird, Lovebird, Blackbird, Mybird – each of them is distinguished by some feature catching the eye. Softbird – rounded armrests spreading to the sides and a low backrest make this armchair charmingly tempting. Lovebird – a continuous line of its silhouette makes its shape ideally streamlined. Blackbird – its quilting and sharp edges emphasised by appropriately selected colour of its upholstery create a piece of furniture of dynamic appearance. Mybird – uncommon edges and harmoniously divided sections of the armchair seat and backrest make it a piece of furniture you want to have.
Caring for completeness of their designs, the ZWEED agency prepared a footrest for each armchair. A BIRD coffee table was also created, with its proportions and aesthetics perfectly supplementing functionality and beauty of the BIRD collection. 

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