'True goes Through.' True Design @ Archiproducts Milano

Work, contract and living spaces in dialogue with each other

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'True goes Through.' True Design @ Archiproducts Milano
30/03/2017 - Exploring new boundaries between working environments, collective and private spaces. Nowadays, there is an uncertain border between the public and private sphere, between work time and leisure time.
Technologies allow a constant connection with our professional and private networks: we work at home with more flexible working hours and methods, by creating new areas in offices, with a domestic connotation, dedicated to employees’ comfort and leisure.

The contemporary and transverse “True Goes Through” collection, originates in this scenery responding to new needs and interacting with new spaces.
The effort to merge comfort and functionality into a contemporary design adding high attention to details, materials, and colors and built with Italian craftsmanship.

Each member of the family can contribute for the set-up of either domestic environment, everyday work or hospitality spaces.

The staging of the True Design exhibition at Archiproducts Milano is based on this philosophy shown in two areas that develop the versatility of the collection.

The first one is an operation area furnished with two large Wing tables by P+F Architects, one of which is configured as a working table, the other one in a dining configuration, to show the multiple settings of the collection. This duality is also underlined by the use of different kinds of seats for each table, Marina by Leonardo Rossano and Nut by Giona Scarselli + Gaia Giotti.

A third area is composed by different lounge armchairs, the rocking Arca by Studio Orlandini (in a brand new updated base color) and the Clara dormeuse by P+F, combined with the Pincettes acoustic dividers by Luciano Dell’Orefice.

The final touch of this exposition is defined by the benches Millepiedi by P+F and DNA by Leo-nardo Rossano + Debora Mansur.

True Design on ARCHIPRODUCTS'True goes Through.' True Design @ Archiproducts Milano

'True goes Through.' True Design @ Archiproducts Milano

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