TWS presents its 'Trame di Pietra' at Archiproducts Milano

Stone and marble slabs becomes three-dimensional with micro-engraving technique

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TWS presents its 'Trame di Pietra' at Archiproducts Milano
30/03/2017 - For the first time TWS participates to Fuorisalone with Archiproducts Milano in Via Tortona 31 to present the new collection in natural stone and marble Trame di Pietra®.

Trame di Pietra® is a project based on research, knowledge of the materials and creativity of architects and designers. The goal of the project is proposing an innovative interpretation of classic materials as stone and marble, transforming them into new and contemporary surfaces, three-dimensional effects obtained by a micro-engraving technique for slabs, floor and wall covering on a high variety of sizes and patterns.

TWS chose a design experience to introduce Trame di Pietra® through an interactive and playful approach. On the tables of Archiproducts TWS will present Ernst: a desk set in stone and marble which is at the same time a drawing set where it is possible to create decorations using the art of the frottage. How does it work? Take a sheet of paper and make a rubbing with a pencil against one of the textures. Using the art of the frottage, some of the textures and decorations of the Trame di Pietra® collection will appear on the paper. Make a rubbing with a pencil on the paper reminds the activity of engraving on the stone: the art transforms the stone and the marble without altering its nature and create unique movements, shapes and effects of lights and shadows.

Small and simple lines meet the stone and its different tones and create unique surfaces, involving sight, due to light and shade effects, and touch, thanks to the imperfections of the natural material and the texture created. Geometric lines, classic shapes and textures effect perfectly match the variety of tones of the stone, creating unique movements and rhythm that gives value to the material.

Another product that TWS will present at Archiproducts Milano is Canestrato Lambris, the latest product of the Floor and Wall Trame di Pietra® collection. The surface is made of interwoven marble that creates three-dimensional effects and movements that give value to the material. The waves on the marble give an elegant aspect to the back marble Pure Black with matt finish and transform Canestrato Lambris in a contemporary design element, which is proposed for wall and floor coverings, suitable for both modern and classic interiors.
The micro-engraving technique is an innovation that makes these products suitable for not only wall but also floor covering surfaces. The aesthetic look meets the technical features: textures and decorations distinguish themselves for the beauty and for the technical anti-slip characteristic.

Simplicity of the style, value of marble and stone, care and ability of dealing with such a classic and noble material are the key strengths of these products that find the best expression when they meet creativity and projects customization.

TWS - Tipical World Stone on ARCHIPRODUCTSTWS presents its 'Trame di Pietra' at Archiproducts Milano

TWS presents its 'Trame di Pietra' at Archiproducts Milano

TWS presents its 'Trame di Pietra' at Archiproducts Milano

TWS presents its 'Trame di Pietra' at Archiproducts Milano

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Textures and decorations. Stone becomes three-dimensional
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Textures and decorations. Stone becomes three-dimensional
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