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Updinamic S.r.l. is a company that constructs mechanised parking systems, car lifts and goods lifts. Updinamic was born of thirty years’ experience in the hydraulics and machine construction sector and offers a complete service, from system design to installation with a distribution and service network across Italy and Europe. Updinamic boasts innovative solutions and patents for the mechanised parking system sector, such as CityCube, the only garage that disappears underground. It is supplied in an installation kit that allows the construction of a fully-underground car box in just a few hours, thus solving parking problems for thousands of existing buildings in no time at all. Updinamic is among the leaders in the construction of car lift systems, with or without persons on board, which allow the elimination of the classic concrete ramp. For years we have also been specialised in the construction of goods lifts for private or industrial use.
Franco Modigliani, 22
37045 Legnago (VR) | Italy
Tel.: +39 0442 590129
Fax: +39 0442 599091
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