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WEB 2.0 V2D

Glass bathtub wall panel

Manufacturer MEGIUS

Web 3.0 Collection
Fully in tune with times, Web - the new frameless life oriented series signed by Megius- was born to interpret the changing needs of the different life moments and to satisfy precisely the desires of space, aesthetics and functionality. Web, inspired in the virtual market place where today we can find solutions, ideas, suggestions and feedback to our questions, it offers to the user a range of opportunities compatible with one another that meet the different needs of everyday life: for simplicity, the numbers are reflecting the distincitve trait of the described model. United by a a 6 mm glass panel and a minimalist and user-friendly design, the customers can choose among versions Web 1.0 with profiles (in the picture also the bathscreen version with a 180°rotating panels), Web 2.0 with hinges, Web 3.0 with folding doors,Web 4.0 with separè and Web 5.0 with hinged divisible doors and can decide to combine them together to create their own personal shower solution. The Web series thus provides multiple paths to the user: designed to fit in bathrooms both minimal both full of accessories, both in private space both in open spaces that blend with the other rooms of the house, each Web version materialize a world of desires and needs and express a mood, a furniture style and a mix of accessories that reflect the personality, the emotions of people living these spaces day by day.

Glass bathtub wall panel WEB 2.0 V2D - MEGIUS

Glass bathtub wall panel WEB 2.0 V2D - MEGIUS
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