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Special fire-fighting system


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The UA-5 supports up to 5 lines consisting of a maximum of 7 aerosolextinguishing devices FPG each.
In particular:
- acts as an automatic or manual fire alarm system. The automatic activation of the extinguishing FPG is conditioned by the signaling of a fire alarm by an external control unit, with the possibility of splitting in two zones the area concerned.
- Provides alarms of anomalies or malfunctions by means of led like alarm of backup battery discharge.
- Provides reports about line controls by means of led.
- Provides outside, through connectors, alarm status and alerts
The Unit is protected against atmospheric discharge.
Two Adapter have to be used on case of 2 separated areas, one each area.
DIM. = (L x H xD) 250mm x 220mm x 165mm
Electromagnetic compatibility (CE declaration)


Special fire-fighting system UA - FIRECOM AUTOMOTIVE

Special fire-fighting system UA - FIRECOM AUTOMOTIVE
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