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Ceramic mosaic

Manufacturer Ceramica Fioranese

We have patented our technological and formal research, because it is as authentic as the material we have created. Nu_Travertine is the fruit of this ongoing design evolution process: a genuinely beautiful stone, with the authentic look of stone that has just left the quarry. The aim of the patent application was to register the twenty-one faces of our Nu_Travertine, both on the flat and in 3D, in order to give a truly exclusive character to this design, studied and produced using digital pigment technology. Certified as containing over 40% recycled material, Nu_Travertine also complies with the most stringent standards in terms of ecocompatibility. The most striking, characteristic features of travertine stone emerge when it is cross cut (i.e. cut perpendicular to the vein): the shades become more subtle and the veins lighter, in line with contemporary tastes. Minimal architecture acquires renewed prestige through the vital energy of Nu_Travertine, which adds warmth and depth to the environment. The magic of light allows you to reach out and touch the material with your eyes, as light, airy decorations conjure up endless emotions for the senses. A surface that's ethical, transparent and entirely respectful of the environment: made from at least 40% recycled material, and as impressive and beautiful as ever.  


45x90 – 60x60 – 30.5x61.4 – 30x60 – 45.8x45.8 – 45x45 – 30.5x30.5 – 30x30 cm


Ceramic mosaic NU_TRAVERTINE CONTROFALDA | Mosaic - Ceramica Fioranese

Ceramic mosaic NU_TRAVERTINE CONTROFALDA | Mosaic - Ceramica Fioranese
FIORANESE - Cersaie 2016
FIORANESE - Cersaie 2014
FIORANESE - Cersaie 2013
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