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OXY | Garden cabinet

Synthetic fibre garden cabinet

Manufacturer Il Giardino di Legno

Woven Collection
Woven collection includes a line of accessories and complements very broad and give the opportunity to decorate the outside with the utmost freedom of shapes and colors. The outdoor accessories of this line can be made __in different colors depending on the needs. Holders, Plant pot, Kennels and chests to complete your outdoor space with style and elegance. When designing an outdoor area or an orangery complements and accessories are very important to give the space a uniform design, furniture objects in synthetic wicker will allow you to complete the decor of your space with homogeneous materials and colors. The flowers pot and objects can be chosen in the same finish of the furniture, or in different colors but with the same material, so as to enrich the space of detail with consistent and properly integrated solutions. A collection of furnitures, accessories and complements for outdoor in synthetic wicker available in different colors. In contrast to natural rattan this fiber is maintenance-free, weather-resistant and thermal shock proof, does not fade, does not go moldy and is not attacked by pests.

The storage set Oxy is a patio chest set of two pieces crafted from an all-weather weave supported by an aluminium frame. The inner frame construction is made of aluminium covered with woven sinthetic rattan fiber. Sizes: Width: 26 cm - Depth: 26 cm - High: 46 cm

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Synthetic fibre garden cabinet OXY | Garden cabinet - Il Giardino di Legno

Synthetic fibre garden cabinet OXY | Garden cabinet - Il Giardino di Legno
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