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Fair faced clay brick

Manufacturer SanMarco – Terreal Italia

From ancient times to the present, the continuous evolution has involved in brickwork construction design and techniques. Today, SanMarco has reinvented terracotta, transforming it into a modern, flexible material with not only distinctive character but also suitable for more innovative and unconventional architectural design. To this end, SanMarco created MAAX,“Mattone Artistico e Architettonico eXtralarge” (Artistic and Architectural eXtralarge Brick). The research and innovation of the MAAX range are inspired by the harmonising of contemporary architectural designs with those of the historic ones. This gives designers the expressive possibilities of clay, with the technical performance required by any modern project. With nuances and particular shading details, MAAX gives an unmistakable vibrancy to the interior and exterior cladding which has the ability to enhance the contemporary experience of a project or to appreciate it with a timeless charm. MAAX proposes a new aesthetic to give character to a unique setting. MAAX offers Architects the versatilityand performance of a traditional material to create new expressive solutions. Thanks to its elegant proportions, it transfers with ease tonew, contemporary, building methods. Terracotta is a material that naturally embodies extraordinary thermal and structural performance. SanMarco’s research has selected the best clayto make MAAX suited to the needs of thermal insulation and comfort required by modern architecture.

Fair faced clay brick M.1.103 - SanMarco – Terreal Italia

Fair faced clay brick M.1.103 - SanMarco – Terreal Italia
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