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Fibre reinforced mortar

Manufacturer Italcementi

i.design Line
i.design EFFIX is an innovative very high-performance pre-mixed and self-leveling mortar that combines the durability typical of a cementitious material with the workability of a plastic material.
i.design EFFIX gives a new perspective to cement-based products, making it possible to create true works of art.
i.design EFFIX is one of the many products developed by Italcementi Group in its continued commitment to find innovative solutions for architecture and the construction industry.

Further details

Pure creativity...
i.design EFFIX is a polymorphic material by nature which allows you to play with shapes and materials. It is easy to work, and therefore particularly suitable for the production of small architectural elements, which can be thin, slender, with smooth or decorated surface. Plasticity and performance which allow innumerable applications.

… for furniture, in all its forms
Elements for prestigious stores, private villas, corporate offices, public places, luxury lobbies. The innovative performance of i.design EFFIX offers added value in terms of image to interior and exterior architectural projects in urban environments.

Even more sustainable
Like all other products by Italcementi Group, i.design EFFIX can be formulated by adding TX Active®, the innovative photocatalytic principle developed and patented by
Italcementi Group, for cementitious products.
This combination provides i.active EFFIX a product that makes the final work self-cleaning and smog-eating.

Even more attractive
i.design EFFIX offers a wide range of customizations that can significantly change the appearance of final structures. Any work made with i.design EFFIX can be colored by adding natural pigments that give the mixture a homogeneous color.

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Fibre reinforced mortar I.DESIGN EFFIX - Italcementi

Fibre reinforced mortar I.DESIGN EFFIX - Italcementi
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