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Instrument for topographic and geodetic survey

Manufacturer Stonex

Gps Collection
The STONEX SC100 and SC200 C.O.R.S. (Continuously Operating Reference Station) are multi-frequency GNSS receivers designed for use as a stand-alone reference station or as part of a GNSS infrastructure solution.
SC100 and SC200 are typically used as an NTRIP server, and they are the perfect equipment for many different jobs, based on the acquisition, the processing, the distribution and the management of GNSS correction data; moreover the SC200 supports raw data logging with up to 50Hz update rate. SC100 and SC200 are designed in rugged and lightweight way and can be supplied from both DC Battery and AC Network to support temporary GPS network (i.e. construction sites), managing many NTRIP connected rovers. SC200 has also an internal 5000 mAh battery for 16 hours of continuos power. SC100 and SC200 can be easily configured by an Internet interface, moreover SC200 has a wide OLED display make it easy for any user to configure because a software interface is not required. SC200 4Gb internal memory enables the collection and the storage of limitless amount of data. The available datalink includes WiFi, 3G WCDMA modem and Bluetooth. STONEX SC100 and SC200 work seamlessly with the STONEX software NTRIP CASTER, and are fully compatible with most of the worldwide known GPS network software; thus, SC100 and SC200 can be used both for starting a new network infrastructure or for an integration into existing networks.


Instrument for topographic and geodetic survey STONEX SC200 - Stonex

Instrument for topographic and geodetic survey STONEX SC200 - Stonex
Stonex Portfolio 2015
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