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ELFOEnergy Ground Medium²

Water to water Heat pump

Manufacturer Clivet

Water chiller
WSH-XEE2: cooling only
WSHN-XEE2: reversible heat pump
Water cooled
Indoor installation
Capacity from 31 to 356 kW

ELFOEnergy Ground Medium² are water cooled water chillers and heat pumps for indoor installation, ideal for multi-family and commercial  buildings. The main features are:
HIGH SEASONALEFFICIENCY - The combination of different size compressors allows to gain more control steps, to provide the energy actually required by the system, to reduce the consumption and to achieve the high seasonal efficiency. The unit reaches the Eurovent Class A heating and cooling for use with underfloor heating.
VERSION GROUND WATER OR GEOTHERMAL - The use of heat exchangers for specific applications with ground water or geothermal closed loop maximize the energy efficiency. 
PREASSEMBLED UNIT - All major  components are provided  on the unit, ensuring maximum reliability and ease of installation.
MODULARITY AND MANAGEMENT OF MORE UNITS IN CASCADE - The compact construction   allows to combine multiple units in confined spaces, realizing a high power system.  The control allows to coordinate up to 7 units managing automatically the operation with maximum efficiency.

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Water to water Heat pump ELFOEnergy Ground Medium² - Clivet

Water to water Heat pump ELFOEnergy Ground Medium² - Clivet
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