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FLEX | Shower cabin

Accessible shower

Manufacturer Samo

Easylife Collection
To meet the needs of consumers who prefer the convenience and simplicity, was born Easylife, the new collection with user friendly features: multiple proposals that fit the needs of space, movement and comfort for those who want an instinctive relationship, simple, immediate and undemanding with its own shower area.

Flex is the further implementation of a Samo series whose strengths are: extreme adaptability, the reduced space, freedom of movement, furnishing the smaller or more “difficult” bathroom. In fact, Flex is a product acceptable to those involved in take care of other people: in the version with 100 cm height it increases the satisfaction of those who are outside and inside the shower. Corner, for niche and three sides, Flex is a shower built with aluminum, glass or polystyrene panels and jointed with special hinges that can curl up inside and outside.

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Accessible shower FLEX | Shower cabin - Samo

Accessible shower FLEX | Shower cabin - Samo
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