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Wall-mounted fan coil unit

Manufacturer ROBUR

Radiators Line
Natural draught system gas convectors for heating of small size rooms, with no need for electrical power supply.
TS2000 is a natural draught convector without fan, and therefore does not need electrical power supply.
Thanks to its compact size, it is ideal for heating bathrooms and small rooms.
• TS2000 can take just 3 minutes to heat up a room.
• Quick and easy to install thanks to the support bracket and the template supplied as standard.One 100 mm hole though the wall and the connection to the gas supply is all you need to do to start heating with TS2000.
• Ambient temperature thermostat, with 7 settings to choose the best comfort.
• Modulating gas valve for the automatic regulation of the heating power, according to the real ambient temperature.
Wall-mounted fan coil unit TS2000 - ROBUR

Wall-mounted fan coil unit TS2000 - ROBUR
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