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Air heater

Manufacturer ROBUR

Heaters Line
The simplicity and reliability of M series heaters provides a superior price/performance ratio in comparison with other heating systems.

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 - Air heater SERIE G - ROBUR Air heater G series is a condensing and modulating gas powered unit heaters
 - Air heater K SERIES - ROBUR Air heater K Series is a modulating gas powered unit heaters with low NOx emissions.
 - Air heater B15 SERIES - ROBUR Air heater B15 is a natural gas powered unit heater for the heating of small and medium size premises. It can be installed in horizontal or vertical position.
 - Air heater SERIE F - ROBUR Air heater F SERIES is a gas powered unit heater with low NOx emissions
 - Air heater FC SERIES - ROBUR Air heater FC SERIES is a gas unit heaters with centrifugal fan.
Duct system for heating several rooms with a single appliance.
 - Air heater MC SERIES - ROBUR Air heater M C is a gas unit heaters for ducting and changing the air with an air-to-air system.
Air heater M SERIES - ROBUR

Air heater M SERIES - ROBUR
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