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AIr refrigeration unit

Manufacturer ROBUR

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• Low energy consumption. The only electrical consumption is given by the fan (5 speed) and a small water circulation pump. The cooling obtained by the unit is almost all natural.
• No refrigerants. The performance of the unit s given by the physical characteristics of water and air, so no refrigerants are used, so it is not necessary to replace or fill up with refrigerants the system.
• Modular and adaptable system. Each unit can operate independently or can be integrated with other units, even afterwards, to build a more complex system, without affecting simplicity and effectiveness.
• No specialized maintenance. The only maintenance needed is the cleaning of the filters of the evaporative pads and other simple steps, that do not require expensive maintenance.
• Electronic control of the system to grant efficiency and hygiene. Even if simple in the function side, the system is kept efficient and hygienic thanks to a sophisticated electronic control system, that controls every functioning condition.
AIr refrigeration unit AD14 - ROBUR

AIr refrigeration unit AD14 - ROBUR
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