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Laminate bathroom furniture set

Manufacturer IdeaGroup

Cubik Collection
Cubik, Ideagroup’s best-selling bathroom furnishing collection, has been revamped with remarkable new technological and aesthetical details. This new Idea furnishing project celebrates modern living requirements, whereby design must go hand in hand with comfort, beauty must be accompanied by functionality, and materials must express strong, positive emotions. The entire collection is much more modular and comes in a wider range of materials and finishes that bear witness to our constant commitment to seeking innovative solutions that characterize the room while exuding strong character. Cubik introduces two important natural finishes: ecomalta and wood with continuous grain. Both finishes are the result of our painstaking attention to craftsmanlike details. The furnishing combinations of the Cubik collection create functional yet stylish environments that can be customized down to the smallest detail, turning the bathroom into your personal haven of relaxation. The Cubik collection is equally perfect for bathrooms where space is at a premium; its room-centre single-piece solutions with matching mirror cabinets make the most of space without compromising on functionality.

Our tops and washbasins come in a variety of materials designed to meet any taste and requirement. Aquatek creates a seamless surface because the washbasin is integrated, and is resistant and easy to clean, like mineralmarmo, which is a versatile and compact material.     Absolutely new are our porcelain stoneware tops with integrated washbasin available in neutral colours. The distinguishing characteristic is the presence of grooves along the perimeter that enable the water to be drained. Our washbasins in the new ecomalta finish enhance the pure geometrical shapes of the entire furnishing solution, while clear lacquered glass creates alternative solutions and colour combinations. The Cubik collection also uses ceramic washbasins in the above-counter and semi-inset versions as an alternative to the integrated versions.

Matt bianco lacquered base units W90+35+90 x 48.5 x D50 cm. Ecrù ecomalta top with washbasins W215 x D50 cm. Ceiling-hung double-sided mirrors W45 x H140 cm.

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Laminate bathroom furniture set CUBIK N°01 - IdeaGroup

Laminate bathroom furniture set CUBIK N°01 - IdeaGroup
CERSAIE 2016 | IdeaGroup - Massimo Tommasi
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