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Dance floor / Wooden platform

Manufacturer SELVOLINA

Eco Wood platform consists of panels made of first choice crossed layer fir-tree wood, thicknees: ~ 26 mm, size and weight of each panel: 50 x 200 cm, ~ 14.5 kg. Total height: 6 cm.
The wooden planks (height: 3.5 cm) are fixed directly to the panels; by these planks, the panels fit together into one another.
The assembly is done using screws for wood.
This platform has to be installed on even surfaces; any level difference has to be compensated with suitable shims.
Installing the platform to perfection, according to the assembly instructions, a single body is formed and we guarantee that between the panels there will not be any gaps, even in case of seasonal assembling.
When the platform is installed on grass for more than 20 days, it is advisable to lay a transpiring cloth underneath it.
The platform is supplied with technical drawings and precise assembly schemes.

- rough panels in natural wood, colour: dull yellow, with the manufacturer’s red logo printed on both faces;
- natural wooden planks.

- sanded wooden panels, coated first with water-based walnut colour paint and then coated with transparent flameproof paint on the exposed face;
- painted wooden planks, colour: walnut;
- certification of the flameproof paint.

• wooden plank (colour: red for the Basic model, yellow for the Pro model) to be applied along the perimeter;
• transpiring net / cloth;
• 5-bar aluminium perimeter ramp.

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