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Pipes for domestic gas networks

Manufacturer Serravalle Copper Tubes



Distribution of liquid and gaseous fuels with particular reference to underground trenching.
This copper tube is manufactured according to standard EN 1057, during production it is sheathed in a PVC full cross-section protective covering (without air channels) according to UNI 10823.
The properties of SMISOL® Gas in terms of melting point, resistance to fire and pressure, gas impermeability and the absolute sealing performance of brazed and soldered joints, become indispensable in the case of domestic distribution of gas fuel, where the utmost safety guarantees are mandatory and enforced by technical standards and by legal provisions.
Furthermore, in accordance with EU Regulation 305/2011 for construction products (CPR), SMISOL®Gas copper tubes are CE marked. A further guarantee of compliance with prevailing regulation standards is assured with the achievement of UNI-IGQ Quality certification.

Further details

Internal protection
During production, the tubes are subjected to a patented passivation treatment and stabilisation of the inner wall. SMISOL® Gas copper tube has a carbon residue C<0,06 mg/dm2, much lower than that required by EN 1057 which defines a carbon content limit of C≤0,20 mg/dm2.
External protection
Tested and guaranteed stabilised polyvinyl resin sheath. The sheath protects against damage from external agents such as building materials (eg. quick-setting cement) and damage caused by impact during the construction site transportation. It allows for underground trenching tube installation, as indicated by UNI 10823: “the coating is obtained by extrusion, in a seamless and continuous manner, externally and internally smooth, with a uniform nominal thickness, with full adhesion to the copper tube external wall along its entire surface to ensure absence of air pockets and prevention from slipping off”.
It is tested in line in order to ensure the required electrical Insulation resistance that, as per UNI 10823, must be equal to or greater than 100 MΩm2.
Sheath Characteristics
Sheath material in special stabilised PVC resin.
Full cross-section (continuous – no air channel) compliant to UNI 10823.
Minimum sheath thickness: 1,5 mm (under continuous laser gauge control).
Sheath manufactured from high-quality virgin granules.
Excellent resistance to external chemical agents.
Ink marking every meter.
Electrical insulation resistance: ≥100 MΩm2 (UNI 10823).
Pipes for domestic gas networks SMISOL® Gas - Serravalle Copper Tubes

Pipes for domestic gas networks SMISOL® Gas - Serravalle Copper Tubes
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