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Sectional garage door

Manufacturer SDA BFT

Isoladoor 60 mm garage doors are specifically designed for the highest possible insulation for your garage. They are made from 60mm polyurethane-filled panels, which offer even more thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as making the whole door more secure. Isoladoor is ideal for garages which are used as an extra room or in more northern countries such as Britain and Scandinavia. The panels are not the only feature which increases the insulation coefficients. Isoladoor has 5 rubber seals (one on either side, one at the bottom and two at the top) designed to reduce heat loss at strategic places. Like all SDA sectional doors, Isoladoor is highly customisable. They are available in a variety of panel-types and colours, although some features are not possible (windows would reduce considerably the insulation advantages for instance). SDA’s Isoladoor range can be motorised or not, depending on needs. Motorised models use reliable BFT door operators. 

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Isoladoor garage door

Isoladoor garage door

Sectional garage door ISOLADOOR 60 - SDA BFT
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