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Up-and-over garage door

Manufacturer SDA BFT

Basculiso 40 - SDA’s Basculiso garage door is it’s only up-and-over garage door. Made using a solid steel frame filled with insulated garage door panels, it is not a basic single-skin up-and-over door, but a fully insulated, robust version.
Since the door uses the same panels as SDA’s sectional garage doors, it has great insulation virtues as well as being robust and strong. The panels can be customised to any required specifications, with a large choice of styles, textures and colours available.
Motorised with a reliable BFT garage door opener, the Basculiso model is a good alternative to a sectional garage door and can be used by home owners and professionals alike.  

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Basculiso up-and-over garage door

Basculiso up-and-over garage door

Up-and-over garage door BASCULISO 40 - SDA BFT
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