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NAK | 2 seater sofa

2 seater garden sofa

Manufacturer Bivaq

design by
Nak Collection
Nak collection is a sofa set and deckchairs with an extruded aluminium structure and coated with polyester paint. The cushions are manufactured in vinytex fabric (a polyester and PVC compound) and incorporate a waterproof layer. Nak was developed using materials that can be stored outdoors, not only the structure but the cushions as well. Nak is a versatile range of sofas that can change their image and function simply by adding or removing the back or armrests incorporated in the cushions of each piece. Therefore, you can have a sofa with a back and armrests, a wide chaise longue on which to relax or a large outdoor bed. Nak makes seats in two heights: Nak high and Nak low. Availables in two widths (L y XL) and 2  seat heights (High 42cm. y Low 33 cm). Nak XL has a wider seat, 94 cm. The Low version allows you to enjoy being out of doors in an informal, carefree way: chill-out style. 

NAK 2 seater sofa is an upholstered sofa XL by Bivaq with wider seat 187 cm. Available in different colours. Frame color: Brown cobre, white, stone, marfil, grafito. Fabric color: tobacco,white pearl, topo sand y black grey.

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2 seater garden sofa NAK | 2 seater sofa - Bivaq

2 seater garden sofa NAK | 2 seater sofa - Bivaq
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