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Fire-rated safety door

Manufacturer OMI ITALIA

Security Fire Door OMI FUEGO is available in the version REI 60 in full compliance with national rules and version EI 30 in compliance with european rules.

REI 60 Version: Security Fire Door OMI FUEGO in REI 60 version is in compliance with rule UNI 9723. Omi Fuego is a strong safety door with a particular and excellent quality: the fire resistance. Its level of protection defends the things most dear to you, but above all protects whatis more valuable: yourself. In order to do this we studied and experimented a door that had to overcome the hardest test to limit the transmission of heat and flames for 60 minutes. With the security door OMI FUEGO REI 60 fire can be in the cooler.

EI 30 Version: Security fire door OMI FUEGO EI 30 is in compliance with european rules UNI EN 1634-1:2001 and UNI EN 1634-1:2001. The door is equipped with double security devices. In addition to the standard features of a security door, it resists to the fire for over 30 minutes keeping away things and people from the fire hazards.

OMI ITALIA Catalogues

Fire-rated safety door FUEGO - OMI ITALIA

Fire-rated safety door FUEGO - OMI ITALIA
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