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RANK | Counter stool

Wooden counter stool

Manufacturer sixay furniture

Rank Collection
The perhaps most striking features of the chair are the flexible backrest progressively growing thinner towards the upper end and the smoothly curved ergonomic seat. The seat has a gentle backward slope. Upon getting seated the chair makes one, without any coercion, to sit in the correct and healthy sitting posture: the bottom slides rearwards on the backward sloped seat with the backrest providing support at the waist. 

Timber type used: beech, oak, maple, ash, cherry, pear, nut 

Bar chair RANK is based on our popular and ergonomical chair series. Both the seat and the backrest are smoothly curved for maximum comfort. Stainless steel crossbars have been added to increase stability, serving as footrests as well. Its height makes it ideally suited for use in bars and around kitchen islands. 

Available in the following types of wood: beech, oak, maple, ash, cherry, pear, walnut

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Wooden counter stool RANK | Counter stool - sixay furniture

Wooden counter stool RANK | Counter stool - sixay furniture
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