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C05110 | Brass door handle

Brass door handle

Manufacturer Enrico Cassina

In response to the organicism of the previous style, the motifs of Art Deco originated in a cubism-inspired geometry where orthogonal broken lines alternated with curvilinear sections. The key features included symmetrical order, interlocking and shifted concentric circles, rhomboids and zigzag patterns.

C05110 by Enrico Cassina is a brass door-handle, available in different finishes: bright brass, satin brass, antique bronze, ancient brass, old gold, antique copper not lacquered, bright nickel, satin nickel, chrome plated, black nickel, oil rubbed bronze, copper, pewter, satin chrome, antique silver, silver plated, gold plated, bright brass PVD, old gold PVD, 24k gold.

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C05110 - Brass door-handle

C05110 - Brass door-handle

Brass door handle C05110 | Brass door handle - Enrico Cassina
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