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Drainage channel and part

Manufacturer Ulma Architectural Solutions

ULMA drainage systems are the upshot of combining our material, polymer concrete, with the fact that it is prefabricated, lending them unique ease of installation and labour savings. All ULMA drainage channels are designed and manufactured in accordance with Standard EN-1433. We have the widest range of channels on the market from domestic to airport solutions, supplying the complete drainage system, grating and accessories. Our company has been more than 20 years on the drainage market, developing, manufacturing and commercializing drainage systems around the world. You can find our draining systems in France, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Austria, Norway, Dubai, Chile, Brazil, Mexico…

SELF350K - ULMA Linear Drainage Channel type SELF350K: External width 360mm; Internal width 300mm and overall height 210mm to collect rainwater in 1 metre long units. Integrated
galvanized steel edges for lateral protection. Locking system consists of locking bar CS300 and screws. 

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Drainage channel and part SELF350K - Ulma Architectural Solutions

Drainage channel and part SELF350K - Ulma Architectural Solutions
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