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Sound absorbing ceiling tiles

Manufacturer ITP

Star-Tone Collection
Star-Tone is a line of modular, mineral fiber ceiling panels design for high performing acoustic ceiling system (sound absorption and insulation, fire resistance, thermal insulation, etc.). The system is developed for large areas and for those environments where the relationship between the technical performance and price is the key factor. The panels are made of bio-soluble mineral fiber, binders, cellulose, inert mineral fillers and water-repellent resins and finished in the visible surface with acrylic paint in white. The entire product range complies with Fire Reaction and Resistance certification standards, making it an ideal solution for the passive fire protection of floors and coverings. Additionally the panels have all certificates which guarantee the safety of the product. All those suspended ceilings are supplied complete with framework, suspension fittings and accessories. All the materials are CE tested and marked in compliance with UNI EN 13964:2007 standards.

This micro perforated version of the Sanded line guarantee high performance acoustics while preserving the aesthetic appearance due to the slightly granulated surface. This characteristic makes those panels ideal for public spaces and for all the environments where it is necessary to control the level of noise.

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Sound absorbing ceiling tiles STAR TONE SANDED MICRO - ITP

Sound absorbing ceiling tiles STAR TONE SANDED MICRO - ITP
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