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Surface water-repellent product

Manufacturer ILPA ADESIVI

Drai Line
Drai water based is a fluorurate hydroalcoholic solution, ideal for treating marble, granite and natural stones (tuff, sanded stones, limestone, etc.). Due to the very strong link
between carbon and fluorine, the fluorurate resin offers very high resistance to atmospheric agents, pollutants and UV radiations. The very high resistance features make this product
particularly suitable for external protective treatments. Drai water based is a protective agent combining very good waterproofing and excellent oilproofing.
It can be applied by spray, brush or roller. When applying more than one coat, ensure the second coat is applied while the first one is still wet, since once polymerised, the surface becomes waterproof. On slightly porous materials, the coverage is approx. 1 Litre for 10-15 sqm.

Each priece refers to a specific package of products:

-24 units of 0,2 kg
-12 units of 1 kg
-1 unit of 20 kg


Surface water-repellent product DRAI WATER-BASED - ILPA ADESIVI

Surface water-repellent product DRAI WATER-BASED - ILPA ADESIVI
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